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Monday 8th July 2024

Why Racing Fans Will Enjoy Live Casino

Most fans of horse racing recognise that it has certain things in common with casino gaming. Not the least of those is the central role that betting plays in both activities.

There are some people who just like to watch horse races without betting money on them, but the sport would not exist without the gaming aspect. Equally, although it is possible to play casino games without wagering real money, casinos are there for people to play for cash.

Beyond that obvious similarity though, casino and horse racing are connected by their international appeal and the fact that they have shifted seamlessly into the digital space. Much of the betting on both is now carried out online.

One form of internet casino play that has emerged fairly recently is live casino. It has particular potential to please horse racing fans, as we will outline in this article.

What Live Casino Is

The term ‘live casino’ might sound a bit odd to people who are not regular casino players. After all, nobody is going to play dead casino are they?

What it actually means though is casino games played live over the internet. When somebody signs up to one of the various live casino UK options they are greeted by links to different table games.

If they click on one of those links they will be able to connect to a live video stream that brings up a studio with real gaming tables and croupiers. That is the key aspect which makes live casino different from everyday online casino gaming.

The latter is just about someone playing alone at an electronic game screen with the reactions to their play determined solely by algorithms. In live casino, they play against other gamers and with human card or roulette dealers, all without having to leave their homes.

It has made online casino gaming less isolating and impersonal and allowed for the recreation of much of the atmosphere of bricks and mortar casinos. The real-life dealers make the games more challenging for the players too.

All of that has added up to a winning mix for casino sites, with live casino options bringing a lot more customers to the sites. There is plenty about the idea that should be appealing to fans of horse racing too, as we shall see.

Why Racing Fans Should Love It

  • Live action

The placing of the bets is just the start of the horse racing experience. The part that most fans of the sport really relish is the actual race itself.

Horse races are full of edge-of-the-seat live excitement and that is what live casino gaming provides too. Playing the games in this way lets you watch the action unfolding, from the dealing of the cards to the spinning of the roulette wheel.

That is very similar to watching a horse race play out after laying down a bet on it. The combination of nervousness and thrill is the same and that makes it a fine alternative form of entertainment for racing lovers.

  • Betting choices

A second argument for why people who get a kick out of horse racing will find live casino just as compelling is the wagering varieties on offer. Those who want to wage on a race are not restricted to a single sort of casino game.

They can choose to place a single bet, a double or an accumulator among other options. That range is something which can also be found in live casino.

The only type of casino game not included is slot machines. An online casino will usually provide a selection of live blackjack, poker and roulette games and within each of those there is also a number of ways to bet.

It means both activities offer wagering to suit people of high and lower risk tastes.

  • Social activity

Going for a day at the races is widely recognised as a social activity as well as a betting one. People who enjoy it will often dress up to the nines and the top race courses have a real prestige about them.

Because live casino games are played from home, the similarities in this respect are not immediately obvious. However part of the attraction of live casino is that you are interacting with other people while you play the games.

That means people who favour this way of playing tend to dress up a bit more than those who play alone. You will see and you will be seen – meaning there is a chance to build friendships with others who share the same interest.

The links between casino gaming and horse racing are now being made clear as the casinos introduce racing games. Most are slots, but live casino is connected too.