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Thursday 13th June 2024

Experience the Thrill of Horse Racing in Finland: A Must-Visit Destination for Enthusiasts

When considering what to do in Finland, many people think of the stunning natural landscapes, the magical Northern Lights, and the unique culture of saunas and Santa Claus. However, for those passionate about horse racing, Finland offers an exhilarating experience that should not be missed. The Finnish horse racing scene is vibrant, and the highlight of it all is the legendary Vermo Racetrack, located just a short drive from Helsinki. Here’s why you should plan a trip to Finland to experience horse racing at its finest.

The Heart of Finnish Horse Racing: Vermo Racetrack

Vermo Racetrack, opened in 1977, is the premier venue for horse racing in Finland. Situated in Espoo, close to the bustling capital city of Helsinki, Vermo is the epicenter of Finnish trotting races. This world-class track hosts weekly races that attract both local and international participants, making it a hub of excitement and competition. Races are arranged throughout the calendar year.

Key Highlights of Vermo Racetrack

  • International Events: One of the most anticipated events at Vermo is the Finlandia-Ajo, an international trotting race that draws top competitors from around the world. This event, among others, showcases the high caliber of racing and the competitive spirit that Vermo is known for.
  • Regular Races and Events: Vermo hosts a plethora of races throughout the year. Whether you are visiting in the warm summer months or the snowy winter season, you can always find thrilling races to attend.
  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Vermo is not just about horse racing; it’s a complete entertainment experience. The racetrack offers various activities and amenities for families, making it a perfect day out. From children’s activities to dining options, there’s something for everyone.

Betting at Vermo and in Finland

It’s no secret that those who enjoy horse racing also enjoy betting on horses. At Vermo racetrack you have the option to bet on site. You can also place bets before the race day if you prefer. Most supermarkets, shops, and gas stations in Finland have a separate betting section available. But take your ID with you, as you need to verify your identity before you can place any bets.

UK residents visiting Finland cannot place bets or play casino games at the local online casino. Veikkaus is only available for Finnish people and people residing in Finland. Finnish people of course gamble a lot on offshore online casinos since they have better odds, but most of these don’t accept UK players anyway. Creating an account from Finland is nearly impossible without a Finnish bank account. Most online casinos that accept players from Finland work purely on Pay N Play and identification happens with Finnish bankID according to Kasinot-ilman-rekisteröitymistä.com.

If you wish to bet online, you need to place the bets before you leave the UK and use a UK sportsbook. You can, of course, use a VPN, if you are already in Finland, but technically this is not allowed. Also, worth noting is that not all UK sportsbooks offer odds for Finnish horse racing.

Beyond Vermo: Exploring Finnish Horse Racing

While Vermo is the crown jewel of Finnish horse racing, there are other notable tracks and events across the country. Tracks like Teivo in Tampere and Jyväskylä’s Killeri offer additional opportunities to enjoy high-quality races and explore different regions of Finland.

Cultural and Scenic Attractions

Combining a trip to the races with Finland’s other attractions makes for an unforgettable experience. After a day at Vermo, you can explore Helsinki’s vibrant cultural scene, visit historic sites, and indulge in local cuisine. Alternatively, venture into the Finnish countryside to enjoy the serene landscapes.

Plan Your Visit

Visiting Vermo Racetrack is straightforward, with Helsinki’s international airport offering excellent connections from major cities worldwide. From Helsinki, it’s a quick trip to Espoo, where you can immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Finnish horse racing.


For horse racing enthusiasts looking for a unique and thrilling experience, Finland—and specifically Vermo Racetrack—is a must-visit destination. With its high-quality races, vibrant atmosphere, and beautiful backdrop of Finnish landscapes, a trip to the races in Finland promises excitement and unforgettable memories. Plan your visit today and discover why Vermo is a legendary spot for horse racing aficionados.

Travel to Finland, experience the thrill of horse racing and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are a seasoned racing fan or new to the sport, Finnish horse racing offers something special for everyone.