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Monday 11th September 2023

What is PIN-UP Global?

PIN-UP Global is a unique ecosystem of independent companies that work together for mutual benefit to achieve results. Numerous interviews, like the one at SBCNews  reveal that the ecosystem is divided into several segments such as PIN-UP.TECH, PIN-UP.BUSINESS, PIN-UP.TRAFFIC, PIN-UP.CARE, PIN-UP.CRM.

Moreover, the ecosystem is a large structure that includes several independent companies. The work of the ecosystem is aimed at achieving the goals of absolutely all its segments. Interaction between companies takes place on the basis of competition and cooperation. Today, the ecosystem includes more than 15 companies that are responsible for the viability and development of products.

PIN-UP Global Values

Pin-Up Global Ecosystem segments

The activities of the ecosystem are organized into several segments. Each of them is engaged in attracting new specialists and fulfillment of tasks.

  • PIN-UP.BUSINESS deals with business processes and all financial issues related to business. This team also includes a recruiting agency. It provides recruitment and development services so that the ecosystem can quickly fulfill customer objectives.
  • PIN-UP.TECH segment profile is to develop software and support the entire IT infrastructure within the ecosystem. The latest technologies and innovative solutions help to maintain a leading position in the market.
  • PIN-UP.CARE is engaged in work with non-profit organizations for which social responsibility and human rights are considered a priority. The charitable foundation of the PIN-UP Foundation segment provides support in social, economic, and environmental spheres.
  • PIN-UP.TRAFFIC is responsible for driving ROI traffic for customer products and services. Engages solutions and programs through PIN-UP Partners.
  • PIN-UP.CRM is responsible for service levels and marketing for clients. The direction is also responsible for interactions between customers and companies that carry out work on services or products.

The primary goal of all segments in the ecosystem is to deliver quality services and products. It is the ecosystem that is responsible for organizing the relationship between a particular segment, management, and the customer.

Core values of the Pin-Up Global ecosystem

PIN-UP Global adheres to certain values. They reflect the ecosystem's philosophy of life and interaction with employees, partners and customers:

  • Be the First to Lead. Enthusiasm, commitment, and courage to realize bold ideas, and propose changes allow ecosystem members to provide the best solutions for customers and employees.
  • Be an expert in your domain. The professionalism of ecosystem members is based on continuous development, a deep understanding of the industry, and competence in functional areas.
  • Be a partner in a teamwork. Overall success depends on everyone's contribution, mutual support, and the ability to reach compromises.
  • Be focused on the result. Everyone in the ecosystem achieves goals through speed, persistence, and a drive to succeed.
  • Be Open and Honest in communication. Ecosystem members provide constructive feedback to each other and are straightforward and honest in their communication.

Pin-Up Global is a fast-growing business that sets trends in the market and is not in a hurry to stop there. Employees of the ecosystem are not afraid of challenges and realize the boldest ideas to achieve the best results.

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