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Tuesday 22nd August 2023

Top 7 Racing Horses of All Time

At the heart of horse racing lies an exhilarating sport. Certain equine athletes reign supreme, captivating racing enthusiasts and casual fans alike. These extraordinary creatures boast speed, agility, and sheer determination, which set them apart from their competition. This article takes a closer look at 7 racing horses who have not only demonstrated exceptional equestrian talent but have also taken it all the way to victory with unwavering perseverance and unrivalled skill.

From Secretariat's thunderous gallops to Seabiscuit's fearlessness, these legendary racehorses have cemented their place in racing history, leaving an indelible mark on racing itself. We will explore their impressive records and celebrate their exciting moments of triumph before discovering why they remain legends of the track.

Before we start our list of the best racing horses, we will share with you a few ways to watch your favourite horses.

Ways to sportstream horse races online?

There are several ways to sportstream horse races online and experience the excitement of the track from the comfort of your own home. Here are some options:

  • Official Race Websites: Many horse racing tracks and organizations have official websites that offer live streaming of races. Check the official website of the track where the race is taking place to see if they provide online streaming services.
  • Horse Racing Betting Sites: Online betting platforms offering horse race wagering often provide their customers live streaming of the races. You may need to create an account and place a bet to access the live stream, but it can be a convenient way to watch races.
  • Sports Streaming Services: Some sports-focused streaming services may include coverage of horse racing events. Check popular streaming platforms that offer live sports broadcasts to see if they include horse racing in their line-up. Also, check some that are not so popular, such as livesport24 (or livesports24),, buffstreams io, and You may get to watch races for free.
  • TV Network Websites: Major sports networks that cover horse racing, such as NBC Sports or TVG, may provide live streaming of races on their official websites. Look for the "Live" or "Watch" sections on these websites.
  • Mobile Apps: Some horse racing tracks and organizations have dedicated mobile apps that offer live streaming of races. Download the app for the specific track or racing event you're interested in to watch the races on your mobile device.
  • Subscription Services: Some racing events or organizations may offer subscription-based services that grant access to live streaming of races and additional content. Check if there's an official subscription option for the races you want to watch.

Top 7 Racing Horses of All Time


Regarded as one of the greatest racing horses of all time, Secretariat was a true legend on the track. In 1973, he became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years, setting records in all three races. His breathtaking performance in the Belmont Stakes, where he won by an astounding 31 lengths, remains etched in racing history.


Despite his humble beginnings, Seabiscuit captured the hearts of millions during the Great Depression. Known for his indomitable spirit, he triumphed over adversity and established himself as a symbol of hope. His historic match race against War Admiral in 1938 is still considered one of the greatest moments in racing.

Man o' War

Man o' War was a force to be reckoned with, with only one loss in his career. His dominance on the track was unparalleled, and he set multiple world records. His striking appearance and commanding presence made him a fan favourite, and his legacy still resonates in the world of horse racing.

American Pharoah

In 2015, American Pharoah ended a 37-year Triple Crown drought, capturing the hearts of racing fans worldwide. His smooth stride and uncanny ability to accelerate in the final stretch made him a formidable competitor. American Pharoah's Triple Crown victory solidified his place in racing history.


Known for his consistency and durability, Citation was a dominant force during the 1940s. He won 16 consecutive races, setting a new record at the time. His remarkable career included victories in all three Triple Crown races, cementing his status as one of the greats.

Seattle Slew

The only horse to have won the Triple Crown while undefeated, Seattle Slew was a true champion. His powerful stride and relentless determination made him a formidable competitor. Seattle Slew's legacy continues to inspire future generations of racing horses.


In 1978, Affirmed won the Triple Crown, becoming the third horse in history to achieve this feat. Known for his fierce rivalry with Alydar, their thrilling battles on the track captivated audiences. Affirmed's determination and tenacity made him an unforgettable racing horse.

The Achievements and Records of Each Horse

Each of these top racing horses has left an indelible mark on racing, leaving an unparalleled legacy with their accomplishments and records that stand the test of time:

  • Secretariat stands alone when it comes to his unparalleled achievements in races like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes; his record-setting performances remain unmatched today.
  • Seabiscuit's victory against War Admiral in the "Match of the Century" cemented his legacy and earned Man o' War the honorary title "Horse of the Century."
  • American Pharoah's Triple Crown victory capped years of anticipation and cemented him as a modern-day legend.
  • Citation's 16 consecutive victories remain impressive feats.
  • Seattle Slew stood out among his competition by going undefeated during his undefeated Triple Crown run.
  • Affirmed's battles against Alydar demonstrated his unyielding determination.

Conclusion: Celebrating the Excellence of Racing Horses

The top 7 racing horses showcased in this article have defined excellence on the racecourse. From Secretariat's record-setting performances to Zenyatta's unbeaten streak, these athletes have left audiences spellbound by their speed, grace, and unwavering resolve. Their achievements and records testify to their exceptional talents and the hard work and commitment of their trainers, handlers, and jockeys. While we celebrate the excellence of these racing horses, we also look towards their successors with excitement - eagerly awaiting new champions who will leave their mark on this sport. Horse racing relies heavily on its athletes; these top racing horses have set an exceptional bar for future competition.

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