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Wednesday 17th May 2023

How to Use Hemp for Your Pets?

How to Use Hemp for Your Pets

Hemp products for dogs and cats are a versatile addition to your four-legged friend's everyday life. We now know that hemp products for dogs and cats offer a wide range of benefits for animals.
Besides, you should know that hemp and CBD are now legal and that you can also buy the seeds you need on Sensoryseeds' online shop if you want to collect the best marijuana seeds legally!

Hemp - a real all-rounder with "environmental plus

Hemp products for dogs and cats are produced in an exceptionally environmentally friendly way and can convince with organic seals such as the German DE ÖKO - 0039. In addition, the hemp fibres used in our products are rotting and therefore very environmentally friendly.

How does CBD work in animals?

Just like humans, other mammals also have a so-called endocannabinoid system. In this system, there are numerous receptors to which CBD can dock and influence the system. This complex system is connected to many bodily functions in the brain, the organs, the skin and the bones. Anxiety and disease can stress this system and cause disturbances.

The body of humans and animals can produce cannabinoids to maintain the balance in the endocannabinoid system. But sometimes more than the body's own production is needed.

Is CBD suitable for every animal?

In principle, CBD is suitable for all animal species, i.e., mammals, birds, or fish. This is because they all have an endocannabinoid system. In addition, it works for horses, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, cats, rats or guinea pigs. However, pet owners should always discuss the administration with their veterinarian.

The dosage should start slowly and increase steadily. This way, the organism can get used to the cannabidiol from outside. For example, pet owners can put the drops on an absorbent treat or administer them directly into the mouth with a syringe.

The administration of CBD to farm animals

It has yet to be very widespread that farm animals receive CBD. But in principle, it is possible to administer CBD to cows, sheep or goats. This is because they too can be affected by anxiety, stress or inflammation, for example, due to a lot of noise or confined space in the barn. CBD relaxes the four-legged friends in everyday life and thus counteracts stress.

The extract from the hemp plant can also be used as a feed supplement. This is because it has a targeted effect on complaints and generally increases well-being. For example, it is very popular with pet owners to ensure a shiny coat. It can also increase the vitality and stamina of the animals, strengthen the immune system, support digestion and positively influence the metabolism.

What should be considered when dosing animals?

It is essential to always start with a low dosage. Whether CBD is used as a remedy against stress or to support the immune system is irrelevant. This is important in order to recognise possible intolerance reactions quickly. There is no fixed dosage recommendation. Everyone must try it out to see when the desired effect occurs.

Many manufacturers recommend administering only one drop of hemp oil at first and then slowly increasing the dose. For most animals, two to three drops per day are sufficient. The smaller the animal, the more cautious the owners should be with the dosage.

There are also contraindications

If a pet is pregnant, it should not be given CBD. This is because it cannot yet be ruled out to what extent CBD also affects the placenta.

Some users report that CBD stimulates the appetite. But the opposite can also be the case. If an animal does not eat, the administration of CBD can aggravate this condition. Therefore, monitoring the animals closely after administering CBD is very important.

If the animals need medication, talking to the vet before administering CBD is a good idea. Not all medicines are equally well tolerated with CBD.

Hemp and animals

Hemp products for dogs and cats are made from only the best materials and are durable. The hemp fibre, for example, is particularly suitable for use with dogs and cats due to its robustness and is processed by us without chemicals so that high compatibility of the material is guaranteed. Our hemp oils, which are an ideal food supplement for dogs and cats, also meet the highest quality standards.

Hemp for dogs with chronic inflammations

Since 2017, animals with chronic pain can have cannabis-containing medicines prescribed. What is not yet so well known: hemp for dogs is also an all-natural healing herb against chronic inflammation and pain. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), both humans and animals tolerate the active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) well.

Next to THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is the best-known active ingredient of the hemp plant. Hemp for dogs does not contain THC and is, therefore, neither addictive nor has an intoxicating effect. Since CBD is not subject to legal restrictions like cannabis, it is increasingly widely used. Cannabidiol for dogs is legal to buy and has no known side effects or negative interactions with medicines and other supplements.

Medical effects

Cannabidiol oil (extracted from the hemp plant) for dogs is also made from the valuable plant hemp but has little to do with standard hemp oil. Cannabidiol oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It is, therefore, suitable for the treatment of chronic inflammations such as in the intestines or joints.

CBD has a positive effect on the dog's entire metabolism. It strengthens the immune system, alleviates allergies, promotes healthy sleep, and has an anxiety-relieving and anti-epileptic effect.

Our tips:

  • In the meantime, many suppliers sell CBD and hemp products with little effect. Therefore, make sure only to use CBD extracted from the whole plant.
  • If you want to collect the best cannabis seeds, legal in the UK and Europe, you can head to and choose from the most unique and high-quality marijuana seeds online!

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