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Monday 15th May 2023

7 Unusual Ways to Get Better at Gambling

Gambling can be quite challenging. Many people head to the casino with the intention of making good money but don’t know how to properly win big. Experts can give you great advice, but how would it help if everyone is using the same tips and tricks?

It’s time for something a little different. It’s time for unusual tips and tricks that may help you get better at gambling.

If you really want to win big money at the casino, you must stand out. You must play differently from everyone else who has the same goal as you. Use these unexpected gambling hacks to improve your odds at the casino!

Let’s get started.

1. Keep a Record of Wins and Losses

Now this may seem like a tedious task, especially if you’re going to the casino often. Some nights you might win and some nights you might lose. Who wants to remember the nights when you lost, right?

Well, this unusual trick might actually help you devise a logical (and maybe superstitious) plan that could help you start getting more wins than losses!

By remembering the nights you won, you may be able to refine your game, understand which games you had the best luck at, and define a logical plan to win again. By recording your losses, you may figure out which parts of the casino to avoid, and which games you weren’t as good at!

Journaling is good for you regardless, so keep your journal entries as detailed and meticulous as possible to properly make use of this win/loss system.

2. Think of Gambling as Entertainment

Why do most people go to the casino? Is it to win money? Or is it just to have a fun night out with their friends? It could be a bit of both, but there is no denying that gambling and spending a night at the casino is a good time!

You should think of your escapades at the casino as exactly that! Don’t think of the casino as a place where you need to go to win money. Think of it as a place where you go to have a great night out, play some games, and potentially leave with even more money than you arrived.

Normally people are happy to pay for their entertainment, whether that be visiting the movie theatre or the golf course. Visiting the casino should be treated no differently!

This will relieve some of the pressure that a lot of people feel when they go gambling.

3. Always Bring Friends

One of the key steps to success when gambling is to do it with a lot of friends. Oftentimes, when people gamble alone, they might get lost at the table, playing one game. You might spend the entire night playing one game because you’ve convinced yourself that the next one is going to be a win!

Your friends could act as a good counter measure to pull you out of a losing situation. Not only will your friends be a practical help while you gamble, but it will make the entire evening just that much more fun! Everything is more fun when you do it with friends, and gambling is no different!

4. Create a Money Pool

This trick expands on the idea of bringing friends. Gambling is all about odds. When you play alone, and your odds will be lower than if you have multiple friends trying out different real money pokies and other casino games. The more people you have on your team at the casino, the higher your chances will be to win.

If you go in with this intent and create a gambling money pool (a pool where everyone contributes the same amount of money), not only will you lose less money, but you stand to win a lot more.

Your friends are your assets in the casino, and you should all rely on each other to land some big winnings!

5. Play as Much as Possible to Improve Your Skills

Many experts would warn against going to the casino every night and playing to your heart’s content. This is why we’re putting emphasis on the words as much as possible.

What we mean by this is to play as much as you can within a budget and within your own personal limits. We don’t mean that you should go to the casino and gamble every single night. Rather we mean that, when it’s possible to go, you should!

The more you practice certain games like blackjack, baccarat, and poker, the better you will become. The better you become at these games, the higher your skill level will become, and the higher your odds of winning will be!

6. Open a Separate Account Exclusively For Gambling

Now, back to the responsible gambling tips! No one wants to deplete their savings account while at the casino. Therefore, it may be sensible and responsible to open up a brand-new bank account, where you deposit a certain amount of money each month for gambling.

All losses will come out of this account, while all winnings will also go into this account. The account may grow some months and may shrink others. The most important thing is that you’re not depleting the money you need for living life while doing it, and you can budget with ease too.

Once again, doing this will remove some of the pressure you may feel while at the casino. Playing without pressure is the best way to win!

7. Stay Focused and Get your Gambling Mindset Right

If you want to take gambling a bit more seriously, and you want to go to the casino to win, you’ll need a winning mindset. Think of it like a professional sport. Players need to remain focused while on the field and need to remember that they’re there to win.

You need to have that same level of focus and that same winning mentality if you’re going to be successful at the casino. Don’t lose sight of your goals and stick to the game plan when you’re going to gamble.

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