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Friday 21st April 2023

Five Big Horse Racing Events of Summer 2023


Horse races are best enjoyed in summer when the weather is great and the outfits are incredible and the champagne keeps flowing and of course, we win or lose money on the races. Over the years horse racing events have become comparable to festivals, some are just for a day and others like Royal Ascot last a whole five days. As the year kicks off so have some of the biggest races around the world. The great advantage technology has given us is in shrinking the world and making it a global village. Now no matter where you are in the world not only can you live stream the races but you can also bet and win on races halfway across the continent. With that said let us look at the top ten biggest horse racing events of this year.

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The Royal Ascot - Ascot Racecourse, England

The Royal Ascot takes place in the middle of June, this year one will start on Tuesday the 20th and end on Saturday the 24th. The first race of the Ascot is usually the Queen Anne Stakes

Ascot is as pompous as it is extravagant and no, we are not talking about the horses, it has always been the place to be seen at. Attended by royalty, film stars, and the rich and famous from all over the world, having started in 1711 by Queen Anne it is one of the oldest horse racing events in the world. Between 2004 and 2006 the course received a major revamp to the tune of £200m.

Betting Tip:

The Ascot week is the busiest week for the bookies and with a five-day racing event, the betting options are virtually limitless. A simple tip to use when betting at the Ascot, take advantage of all the betting offers available.

Royal Ascot

The Durban July - Durban, South Africa

Officially dubbed the biggest racehorse event in Africa, this spectacular event is hosted in July at the Greyville Racecourse, in the sunny city of Durban. Race day consists of twelve races throughout the day, but the main race which is The Hollywoodbets Durban July (Grade 1) takes place in the afternoon and is over a distance of 2200m. This year's prize money is set at a total of £221,984 with the winner walking away with £133,189. It's not just the horses that make the Durban July a must-see event, every year there is a theme that the fashionistas create with their outfits and there are winners chosen every year. This year the theme is ‘Out of this World’, we are looking forward to seeing the aliens and planets in the outfits.

Previous Winners:

  • 2022 Sparkling Water
  • 2019 Do It Again
  • 2018 Do It Again


At the time of writing the top three favourite contenders of this year's cup are Cousin Casey (5.56 odds), Pomp and Power (7.14 odds), and lastly tied for third are Rapscallion and bookie favourite Safe Passage (8.33 odds).

Kentucky Derby - Louisville Kentucky USA

The Kentucky Derby has been annual since 1875 in Louisville Kentucky making it the longest-running horse race event in the United States. Traditionally held on the first Saturday of May the event is the epitome of Southern charm and culture, it is undoubtedly the most prestigious horse racing event in the US.

Betting Odds and Tips:

Forte 3-1
Confidence Game 30-1
Angel of Empire 38-1
Geaux Rocket Ride 30-1
Blazing Sevens 66-1

Bookie's favourite Demling has 88-1 odds which are a long shot but he has three wins under his belt and came second at the Lecomte Stakes. Bayer Speed is the underdog to root for, he is the second-fastest three-year-old this season. Practical Move is also a favourite who could just stun everyone at the Derby.

The Dubai Cup - Meydan Racehorse, Dubai

 The Dubai World Cup is very young in comparison to events like the Ascot and the Kentucky Derby but it is the richest one of them all. Established in 1996 the Dubai Cup represents opulence, extravagance, and over-the-top glamour, the prize money of £9,660,000 makes it the most lucrative as well. To date, no racehorse event has ever matched or exceeded the Dubai Cup prize money.

The Melbourne Cup - Melbourne, Australia

Come November and horse racing fans, jockeys, trainers, and bookies gather in Melbourne at the Flemington Racecourse for the iconic Melbourne Cup. Run over a 3200m the Melbourne Cup has become an event not only on the racehorse calendar but on the social calendar as well. The Melbourne Cup is well known for its support of charity organisations.

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