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Tuesday 7th March 2023

Horse Racing vs Crypto Casino Tournaments: What’s Different?

Many horse racing enthusiasts enjoy a bit betting on the side. Ever since I was a kid, going to horse races always reminded me of casino betting as well. In this article we’ll explore some distinct similarities as well as some fundemental differences.

The main one we’ll get out of the way first. In horse racing, you’re betting on the outcome of a live sporting event, where horses race around a track. In casino tournaments and, you’re playing games of chance that are determined by random outcomes. Sometimes, you’ll be playing against real participants in games of skill too, for example card games.

What’s Similar?

In a nutshell, both horce racing and casino are both popular forms of entertainment that involve placing bets, but there are several key differences between the two.

1. Both are competitions

Horse racing and casino tournaments are both forms of fun that involve trying to win based on events you can’t control (unless you’re a card ace). Horse racing can be either in tournament form over many races or just a single race. Casino tournaments are often as a competition over several days or even weeks or months. Over 50% of all crypto casinos host tournaments, according to Crypto Lists' extensive reviews of close to 100 different brands.

2. Both are time focused

Like all competitions in the racing world, it’s all about time. You also have a fixed amount of time for how long you can play in crypto casino competitions. The longer you play, the better you get at that specific game when there’s skill involved such as Poker.

3. Stay on the horse, stay in the game

It goes without saying, the longer you stay on the horse without falling off, the better. And for tournaments you should stay in the game as long as possible, without logging off. Similarly, if the horse doesn’t crash out then you’re going to be doing alright. And in crypto casino crash games like Aviator you’ll also be doing alright if the plane stays steady!

4. Winning gold!

Some of the biggest horse racing competitions have the name ‘gold’ in them. Some examples include Boodles Cheltenham Gold Cup, Coral Gold Cup, Paddy Power Gold Cup and the Ladbrokes Punchestown Gold Cup. And, with Ladbrokes giving €275,000 and Paddy Power €160,000 it’s fair to say that if you do well then you’re going to get some of that ‘gold’ into your pocket.

However, the biggest horse race of them all, Grand National, might not have gold in the name but it gives out an impressive 1 million euros  to the winner. “OK, but what about crypto casino tournaments?” I hear you ask. Well, they pay out in a different kind of gold. Digital gold of course, often in the form of Bitcoin but also with other coins too. And, you can often choose fiat currencies on many crypto casinos too.

5. Both are exciting

Few things beat a sunny day on a track with an excellent line up. Fewer things can be more exciting then when two or three horses are extreamly close to the finish line… However, the sound effects and amazing visuals make it really exciting to play crypto casino games as well, especially jackpot games where you can win the really big money or the crash games where you predict how long a plane or football is in the air. And, in both it’s all about timing, just in a different way.

What’s Different?

Well there’s one obvious thing staring us all in the face. That is, that one is horce racing and the other is betting on a crypto casino! However, joking aside there are some fundemental differences in the way the gambling works.

1. Form vs chance

In some ways, horses are more predicable and are more dependent on current form. While casino tournaments are about the RTP and luck, and perhaps some skill with cards when it’s a table game, horse races are more dependent on calculation based on past performance. As an additional extra thing to think about, in horse racing, there are quite a lot of different betting options available. These include place, show, exacta, trifecta, and more. In crypto casino tournaments, the betting options are usually limited to the rules of your chosen game.

2. Track vs online

While the horses run on a track, crypto casinos are played online. So yeah… the way of gambing is quite different. While you’re often selecting horses based on the form, the latest races, the position in the race or the trainer or rider – crypto casinos are more about what you think is fun. If you’re into cards there’s a game or tournament for you. If you prefer the bright lights and funky visuals of top video slots then likewise, you’ll find something up your street.

3. Weather dependent vs indoor

With horse racing you always need to consider the weather as it often plays a big role in the result. Some horses perform better in particular weather, but in general clear skies are easier to predict for everyone. .. Some days are rainy and particular horses might be good. With crypto casino games, you can indeed stand in the rain on your phone if you like… however, you might attract some strange glances! It’s far more advisable to stay inside and chill on the sofa while you put your luck to the test.

4. House Edge v no edge

In crypto casino tournaments, the house always has an edge, meaning that over time, the casino will win more money than it loses. In horse racing, there is no inherent house edge, as the odds are determined by the general public’s estimation of the horses’ chances of winning.

5. Difference in atmosphere

While it might be easy to think that this is a ‘no brainer’, and that horse racing will win hands down, you’d be surprised. On the one hand, it’s true that horse racing often has a festive atmosphere, with spectators cheering on their chosen horse and enjoying the social aspect of the event. On the other hand, participating in casino tournaments tends to be a more solitary pursuit. But, modern online crypto casinos have such awesome visuals, sound, and interactivity that they really do hold up well.

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