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Tuesday 24th January 2023

Dating a Horse Rider: Main Things You Should Know

A school of thought opines that horse riders are the sweetest breed of people to date, and there is some truth to that. Equestrians care and give full attention to their animals ever so often, and it engrains in them attributes such as compassion, empathy, and love. The owner will ensure that the animal receives the necessary intervention whenever it gets ill. When dating someone, it's important to consider what they love and how their profession and interests can impact your relationship.
If you are currently dating or perhaps thinking of dating a horse rider, here are some hard facts you need to know.         

1. Meet on a dating site - start a conversation talking about horses 

Equestrians are not the easiest people to meet. If you happen to have met one, then you're quite lucky. Meeting riders in social gatherings or even at workplaces may not be easy, but that's not a problem the internet can't fix. Thanks to the internet, it's now easy to meet someone who's into horses, thanks to dating platforms. Using a local hookup site, an average person can find not only someone for a steamy night of passion but also a like-minded person who shares their passion for horses. Hookup sites allow you to match up with people who have the same interests as you. If you like riding and want to meet someone who loves it, too, all you have to do is create an account on a dating platform and look for potential matches.

2. Be ready: you will never be priority No. 1, but you'll get horse-riding skills

Taking care of horses is no mean task. An animal can, in many ways, be compared to a baby. Babies need special attention, and so do animals. Equestrians spend a significant amount of time with their horses. Over time, riders develop a special bond with their horses. Before you date them, you should know from the get-go that there are times when your partner will give plenty of attention to their horse. The silver lining in having a riding partner is that you get to explore all there is in the world of horses. You could learn how to ride horses, and with time you'll be surprised how much fun staying around animals can be.

3. Most horse riders are emotionally sensitive

Staying around animals does something to a person. It makes you more empathetic, caring, and loving. Animals like horses are quite friendly and easy to bond with. Most riders have heightened sensitivity to emotions like love and empathy because they spend significant time with horses. If you like sweet guys, nine out of ten riders you meet will probably be just what you are looking for. Dating emotionally sensitive people is good because you can rest assured they will meet your emotional needs.

4. Most horse riders are fun to be around

The thing about riding is that it has a touch of adventurousness to it. Furthermore, several health benefits come with riding horses. If you're dating an equestrian, there's a good chance that they know many fun trails and destinations to go to. If you're fun-loving too, you can plan something special, like riding to a beautiful ranch or any other destination with your partner.

5. He will smell like a stable when he returns home, but you can get access to horses

If you deal with horses often, you should expect to smell like them occasionally. Horse owners have to feed, wash, and care for their animal companions. Given the amount of time they spend with these special animals, they're likely to come home smelling differently. The smell of animals is not appealing to most people, and understandably so. If you're not bothered by the smell of horses, ensure they get a good shampoo bath when they return home.

6. They have a simple dress code most times

If you've been to a horse racing competition or know a rider, you may have noticed that they are often dressed like cowboys or girls. They prefer simple clothing, given the nature of their hobby. Equestrians deal with animals quite often and prefer wearing clothes that are simple and easy to replace. If you like your partner flashy or wearing the latest fashion trends, this might surprise you. They can dress to impress from time to time, but they'll usually wear simple and presentable outfits.


Horse riders are undoubtedly special people and deserve to have equally special people in their lives. Dating one is the same as dating someone in a unique profession like medicine or engineering. You may have to acclimate to a few things initially, but it will be worth it in the long run. If you're looking forward to dating a rider, this piece will help you a lot in the future. Don't get it twisted; horse riders are amazing people to date, so shoot your shot.

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