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Monday 19th December 2022

Expert Tips for Horse Racing Betting

Horse sports are one of many legal sports in the United States. There are different types of horse racing to keep the fans entertained. Enthusiasts also enjoy the sports staking experience when they wager on the racetrack. Having a strategy is key to increasing your cash-out rate when wagering. Tactics separate high-stake winners from rookie losers in horse races. You should carefully compare the main horse racing betting strategies and choose the optimal one in a particular case. If you are yet to hit massive wins on your wager, it is time to consider having the best betting strategies horse racing.

We have carefully selected five robust horse race betting systems you will need to cash out big. Take your time to learn and test them to find which ones work for you. Our experts have created a special review of the best online casinos for NJ players for you and selected some perspective strategies. With a tool of expert wagering skills up your sleeve, you are one step closer to nailing the grand prize.

The Dutch Betting Strategy

The Dutch betting on horses strategy will work if you want to reduce your risk to the bare minimum and still create some opportunities to cash out. Reviews show that you can use this tactic for football and thoroughbred sports betting in New Jersey and win a lot of money. The Dutch tactic involves staking on multiple possible outcomes. In a football match, one team must win while the other loses in a knockout round. The same holds for horse races. The thoroughbred you are wagering on may lose or earn you money in horse races.

Split your stake on the two outcomes when wagering on a thoroughbred stunt. For novices, start using the tactic by placing an equal wager on both outcomes. Your earnings may cancel out your loss, or you could lose a small percentage of your bet. However, you will learn what to look for in a good game as you apply tips on horse race betting. Once you gain confidence, you can split bets 60 to 40 percent on your preferred to the less preferred outcome, respectively. When you practice the Dutch tactic, you pick up marginal wins that can quickly build up into substantial sums.

Another way of using the Dutch tactic is wagering on multiple horses to win a game. In a 12-contender race, four places are up for grabs. Divide your stake into four different stallions to mitigate risk. You would have broken even when two of them hold a place.

The 80/20 System

Vilfredo Pareto first propounded the popular 80/20 Principle. Now it is found to apply to many different fields of endeavor. It shouldn't be a wonder if it works in sports betting.

Pareto Principle

Using the 80/20 principle means wagering on two outcomes simultaneously:

  1. 80% that a horse will secure a payout spot
  2. 20% that an opponent will win the race.

In a race of 12 thoroughbreds, the top three places are paid out. These spots vary with the number of thoroughbreds. Apply the 80/20 Principle when you find a worthy opponent. The payouts increase, especially when the thoroughbred wins. If the thoroughbred doesn't win, it might secure a payout spot with a good payout. On the other hand, there is a slight chance the stallion may not make a spot. Try wagering on more horses in the same game to reduce your risk on the finish line.

The Place Laying System

Bettors can also aim to cash out big by wagering on thoroughbreds that finish late. A team may win, draw or lose in football. You get paid if you bet on a team to "not win" and the team loses or plays a draw. In the place-laying horse racing betting system, you are wagering on losing on the racetrack.

Watch out for two horses having low probability in 5 to 7-contender thoroughbred games since there will be only two payout spots. Place your bet on two less favorite thoroughbreds equally. Look out for odds between 1.3 and 1.4. The total probability would be between 2.7 and 2.8.

Once other thoroughbreds book the first two places, your wager on the losing horses earns you the winning bet. It would be better to avoid games with contenders higher than 7 to increase your chances of getting paid. Check your risk/reward ratio before deciding how much to place the best bets in horse racing.

The Yankee Strategy

What if you have time to enjoy the games and make some cool cash? The Yankee method is an excellent fit for more experienced players and novices who don't mind risking some money to make even more payouts. The Yankee Method takes advantage of multiple games to increase your payouts. You must be careful because this strategy can magnify your losses as a newbie. This gambling method is touted as the master tactic due to its high earning potential.

Yankee Bets

Choose four thoroughbreds across different horse races. Place 11 equal-value stakes. You break even when a minimum of two horses get a paid spot or win the game, depending on if you choose an each-way or a win. The 11 stakes are spread on one four-fold, six doubles, and four trebles.

The Exacta Strategy

This tactic is one of the cockiest race-wagering tactics there is. It simply means betting which horses will book the exact paying spots in a game. In a 5 to 7 contender race, you use the Exacta bet strategy to stake on any two horses that will come first and second, respectively. The rule here is strict. The thoroughbred race number you bet on must make the exact place you predicted for you to gain. In a race, stallions three and five booked the first and second place, respectively. You lose if you predict the reverse outcome. For example, stallion five would finish first, while stallion 3 comes second.

You can use the box Exacta tactic to minimize risks. Reverse the standard tactic, and you get the box Exacta. In this case, you get paid if you correctly predict the lucky opponent. There is no preference for the order of the prize spots. If horses 5 and 3 book a place, you claim the payout regardless of which of the two thoroughbreds comes first or second position in the game.

Novices should opt for the box Exacta strategy, as the standard strategy requires professional insight. You can try the standard Exacta version after honing some wagering skills.


We have listed five bets in horse racing tactics in detail. Novices and professionals can use these tactics to increase the chance of winning in a thoroughbred race. Combine the 80/20 and Dutch tactics to increase winnings and simultaneously reduce risk in a 5 to 7-horse contender race. Players can mix other methods to create unique gameplay and keep their risks to their desired level.

Consider doubling your stake in the next round when you lose a previous round of bets. Make sure to match your risk with your betting strategy and budget to last longer in the game.

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