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Monday 12th December 2022

Horse Race Betting in the Netherlands

The Dutch are known for their love of horse racing since the mid-18th century. It comes as no surprise then that the Netherlands provides unique gambling options for the various horse racing events that take place across the country. If you are interested in placing bets online, there are a variety of legal online betting companies in the Netherlands. These gambling operators offer a wide range of betting markets for their customers to choose from.

Bettors in the Netherlands have been able to get favourable betting odds from registered operators since 2021. This was the year that the Remote Gambling Act came into effect. These include both Dutch and international online casino operators. Therefore, if you want to place bets on horses online, you need to make sure that you sign up with a licenced bookmaker like the ones that are listed below.


With Betcity, you will find many sports to bet on, including horse racing. The official site can be accessed in several languages such as English, Spanish, and others. This is highly convenient for players who speak a different language than Dutch.

Live horse race betting offers a robust live betting service. You will find many sports for live betting, including horse racing and other sports. The platform offers favourable odds and huge selections of betting markets.

Expected Types of wagers on horse races

  • Quinella: In order to win you must select who will be first and second in a horse race. However, the sequence is unimportant.
  • A Pick 3: This is the same as a three-race parlay. You must choose the winner of three races and place your bets for all three races prior to the first race in your parlay.
  • Straight exacta: In order to win, you must select the first and the second positions in a race in that order.
  • A straight trifecta: This requires you to correctly predict who will finish first, second, and third.
  • Straight superfecta: You need to properly predict the top four places in a single race.


In February 2022, ZEbetting, the firm that runs the ZEturf betting platform, received a permit to begin delivering online betting services. The company has a licence issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. Since then, ZEbet's priority is on providing a platform that is geared specifically for horse racing. Users can opt to sign up for accounts to be able to wager on races.


Players have the opportunity to bet on horse racing and a variety of other sports with ZEbet, which is an online sportsbook. There are several different races available for wagering on the official website. Not only do these races come standard, but they also come with incentives and promotions.

Live horse race betting

The ZEbet sportsbook has a live betting option for its customers. Because horse races only last a few minutes, it might be difficult to locate the live betting function at most sportsbooks. Players will undoubtedly be able to play the game of their choosing.


Whether you like flat races or saddle-trot races, the Circus Casino enables you to watch all of the day's events from the comfort of your own home. Simply sign up and make your first deposit to get your substantial first-deposit bonus.

Continue playing here to get access to The Club, in which you might collect points while you play as well as other goodies for levelling up. Regular players will also get a monthly gift package, which will include a bonus or a free bet.

You can also play some of the greatest live casino games, slots, and table games from a huge variety. Additionally, you can experiment with trying additional features such as progressive jackpot payouts. Another advantage is the availability of 24/7 service and common payment methods.

Types of Circus horse races

  • Flat races: These vary in length from 900 to about 4,000 metres and contain no obstacles. Horse number one has the best starting position.
  • Jump races: These put speed and agility to the test. The track is littered with fences, obstructions, and pools that must be jumped over.
  • Saddle-trot races: In these, the jockey sits atop the horse and attempts to be the first to cross the finish line. These races range in length from 1,800 to about 3,000 meters.
  • Harness races: These are identical to the saddle-trot races except that the rider sits on a carriage called a sulky.

Types of wagers on horse races

These include:

  • Simple gagnant: In this case, you bet that your equine companion will win the competition.
  • Couplé gagnant: Bet on two horses to come in first and second place, regardless of the order in which they finish.
  • Simple placé: This stipulates that in order to win the race, your horse must place in the top three out of a minimum of eight competitors.
  • Couple Placé: Choose two horses that you think will place in the top three.
  • Trio: Pick any three horses you believe will finish in the top three, regardless of the order in which you pick them.
  • Quinté: This entails picking the finishing order of the first five horses in the race.
  • 2sur4: Name two horses that will place among the top four in the race, regardless of the sequence in which they come in.

Jack's sports

In February 2022, Jacks Sports got a licence to provide online betting. The authorization covers offline horse race betting and is only available to totalisator licence holders per the Gambling Act. The operator provides players with a diverse range of casino games, including popular online slots, as well as a sportsbook.

Expected types of wagers on horse races

In this casino, the three most prevalent types of horse bets to be expected include bets to win, place, and show.

  • A bet to win: This indicates that you wager on the horse to win.
  • To place: This is a wager on your horse finishing first, second, or any other position, depending on the number of horses in the race.
  • A show bet: This pays off if your horse finishes first, second, or third.

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