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Friday 9th December 2022

How to Beat Online Pokies

Although online pokies machines are all games of chance where no amount of skill will give you an edge, there are some tips and tricks you can learn to improve your chances of winning and learn how to win.

How do Online Pokies Machines Work?

Amongst some of the most popular casino games worldwide, both in physical venues and online, pokies games come in different genres, themes, storylines and gameplay. From classic games themed on the traditional one-armed bandit to linked progressive pokies that offer life-changing cash prizes, all pokies are based on a spin of the reels and matching symbols along the paylines.

Choosing Your Pokies

Although the gameplay is similar to all pokies machines, no two machines are alike. Besides the aforementioned different themes,  the soundtracks, additional features and symbols will relate to the genre, and they will all have different RTP (return to player) percentages.

Playing pokies that have a high RTP percentage means that, over the long term, you are likely to win back more of your wagers.

  • Check the RTP% at the online casino before you start playing.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before committing your hard-earned cash, try some pokies games in demo mode. Demo mode pokies are free to play and give you a good idea if the game suits your style and taste.  Free games are great fun and well worth your time.

  • Play demo games to get to know your game and its quirks. Try the bonus rounds and decide whether the game is for you.

Check-Out The Pay Table

Each pokies machine will have its unique pay table. The pay table tells us what each symbol is worth and which are the most lucrative. The pay table also tells us whether the pokies game includes scatters and wild symbols.

  • Always check the pay table before playing to find what symbols the game includes and how lucrative they can be.

Always Stick to Your Budget

It's vital to remember that playing online pokies is supposed to be fun; of course, winning is always great, but the primary function of pokies is their entertainment value. To this end, set a daily, weekly or monthly budget and stick to it.  Always wager money you can afford to lose, and try to give yourself regular breaks, especially when playing online.

  • Never chase your losses, and always stick to your budget. You can self-limit on many online casinos, so if you need this, check out this facility.

Don’t Aim Too High

Those online pokies games that offer smaller jackpots pay out more often, so if you are hoping for a win but are not concerned about chasing the big payouts, then try the pokies games with smaller prize pots. The huge progressive jackpots are enticing, and the games are thrilling, but as so many people are simultaneously playing the same game, your chances of winning are remote.

  • Play progressive pokies for the thrill of the gameplay. If you are going to try for a  win, play pokies games with smaller jackpot prizes.

Finally, as we have mentioned above, playing online pokies is supposed to be fun, but sometimes it can become a problem. If you find that you are spending too much time at your online casino or you are no longer enjoying your pokies games but cannot stop, then check out the responsible gambling page that you can find on the online casino home page.

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