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Tuesday 15th December 2020
Why Play On Casinon Utan Licens


We can safely assume that the end of the pandemic is still far from ending. There are a lot of things that need to be done first before it can happen. Here in Sweden, we are still trying to recover from the virus as the second wave kicked in. More people are getting afraid to go out of their homes, so most of them stay behind and do all their work online. With everyone stuck inside, entertainment and other frivolous activities fell apart.

For the casinos, it is a critical hit to the actual establishments as you can read here. Most of these places were closed as the government is trying to control the spread of the virus. As it is considered a non-essential service, there is nothing wrong with this kind of strategy. The rundown places are usually the hotspots of many people, while the luxurious ones are still jam-packed almost every night. With all of this stuff happening, many players are opting to join virtual casinos instead.

Everything Going Online


Virtual casinos are almost the same as the physical ones. You can still choose many games and play with other people, too. There are roulettes, slot machines, various forms of card games, and the like that you can enjoy. One of the significant differences, though, is the number of games in a casino. Most of them have a niche, and this can vary depending on their capability to support it through their platform.

Nevertheless, it is still covered under the new Swedish rules, whether it is an online or real casino. There have been many changes through the years, becoming stricter as time passes. One of the primary goals of the administration when it comes to gambling, in general, is to reduce it amongst the masses. From the one mentioned here in the article to horse-racing and other sports, Swedes do love to gamble. It is a part of our culture, but we also have to understand that there are ramifications to our psyche.

Many players have been trying to adjust to the changes in the rules. Some are fine with it, saying that it is an excellent way to show the government caring for the people. However, a significant number of players do have an issue with these changes. It became so much harder for them to enjoy the game if they are being restricted a lot. Due to this reason, many of them are trying to enter international online casinos.

Going For The Non-Licensed Options

If you own a virtual or real casino in Sweden, it is not needed to have a license before you can operate. However, it is an advantage for you and your patrons because of the government's protection. If you are a customer, it is also easy to dispute anything since you can approach the Spelinspektionen about it. On the other hand, casino utan svensk licens - casino fox also has its perks. Here are some of them below:

  1. Bigger Rewards

One of the major concerns that people had with the changes is due to the rewards. Even though the government does not tax casino winnings, there is a limit to what an establishment can give. For example, new players can only receive a maximum of SEK 100 when they join an online casino. Meanwhile, there is no cap for establishments without the Swedish license so that you will receive more. Other benefits like availing of a VIP service is also included, making it more enticing to high rollers.

  1. High Security

Most people would believe that having a license leads to better security for your identity and winnings. The Spelinspektionen does cover for you as it protects the citizens from any incident of gaming fraud, among others. These online casinos are also protected with firewalls and other virtual programs that keep hackers away, with or without the license. Places like this value their patrons' trust more than anything else, as one instance of failure or betrayal, can destroy their reputation.

  1. More Games, More Freedom

Another aspect that many players found positive about international organizations like this is the number of games. As we have mentioned before, it is usually limited to online interactions. However, some websites now offer multiple types of games due to the demand of the players. It can be quite taxing to the mind to play the same thing over and over again. A little variety does not hurt anyone, and most of the international options have it.

  1. No Game Break

The game break system is something that the licensing program has added into casino services. It is an option that players can choose if they feel like they are losing their control over the habit. We all know that gambling addiction can be quite the problem, as it has financially destroyed many individuals and families. For these instances, the player can choose to break from the game within a specific time frame. It is usually counted per one, three, six, and indefinite twelve months.

The Purpose Of Game Break

sad man

One of the critical aspects that people need to follow when it comes to this rule is the implementation. You cannot go back to playing casino while you are still on a break. Establishments with the Swedish license keep a list of individuals on a break at a given time. You cannot cheat out of it either, since most people playing here do need to give up their credit card details to the establishment.

Only local casinos have this rule, and it is quite useful. Sundwall is already in danger of closing down, which does not seem to be a problem for the government. They are trying to control the population's gambling activities, and they are succeeding on that front. Meanwhile, some players are willing to take the risk of going international and hoping it would pay off.

As there are many websites to choose from, make sure to go for legitimate options. There are many ways to go about it, and it is up to you which one works. However, always keep in mind to protect yourself in many online interactions. Many experts have said that information is the new gold, and your identity is the most valuable one.

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