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Thursday 10th December 2020
The Best Casino Bets for Player Advantage!

Playing cards

All of the best casino games to play are the ones that give the players either certain advantages or has an overall low house edge. Additionally, some games include rules that allow the player to recoup losses or make side bets that work to their benefit. However, you look at it, some games are simply better than others. Moreover, within those games, there are certain bets or types of bets you should be making to have a better chance of making a profit.

Here are the bets you should try next time you enter your favorite online casino NZ site!

Poker (Tournaments)

Overall poker is one of the best games to play because it’s a game of skill that you can develop with practice. In poker, you’re competing with other players and not against the casino. Therefore, there is no house edge aside from a small stipend the casino takes from the pot.

There are many books, links, and software to help you become a better player. With practice, you can make a lot of money playing the world’s favorite card game!

Blackjack – Card Counting

Card counting isn’t necessarily illegal. It is, however, very hard. Players gifted enough to learn how to do it, will not only erase the house edge, but they’ll in fact also give themselves an edge over the house. While it’s not illegal, counters do employ strategies to hide their skill. To avoid getting banned from the casino.

Blackjack Using Basic Strategy

Using the basic blackjack strategy is the number one way to ensure you’re making the right decision with each hand. After that, whether you win or lose is all up to luck. If you’re losing a blackjack strategy, you can decrease the house edge and see a big difference in your wins. The best part is that you don’t need to memorize the strategy, you can refer to a card online or get one from any casino’s gift shop.

Video Poker

This form of poker requires a little bit of skill, but not as much as playing in tournaments. It does have a relatively small house edge compared to many other casino games. When you make the right choices in the game, you can take home incredible prizes.

Baccarat Banker

In general, baccarat is an excellent choice for real money betting. This might explain why so many high-rollers around the world made it their first choice. Furthermore, when you bet on the banker in baccarat, you have a much better chance of winning. Due to how the rules of the game are set up. On average the house edge for the baccarat banker bet is around 1%

Baccarat Player

After baccarat banker, the player is the next best bet in the casino. With a house edge of only about 1.24%, you can depend on a real chance of winning money.

While baccarat is an excellent game to play. One bet you should avoid at all costs is the tie bet, since it’s one of the worst bets you can make.


Most casino games have their pros and cons. However, if you’re playing for more than a good time and want to wins some money, try sticking to the above bets next time!

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