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Wednesday 2nd December 2020
Why You Need to Go to the Bahamas

This group of seven hundred islands is full of diversity. From pink sand beaches to amazing food and unrivalled hospitality, the Bahamas are a great place to visit on a cruise. You can experience historical excursions or adventurous excursions in the Bahamas that you'll never forget aboard a Bahamas cruise.

The Bahamas have a rich and varied history. Before the Bahamas were discovered by Columbus, the indigenous people were called the Tainos. The capital of Nassau, which is now a cruise port, at one time was a favorite port of pirates. The Bahamas was an English colony, but is now an independent country. The Bahamian culture reflects the roots of its African and English history with English being the main language spoken on the island. The music of the Bahamas found its beginnings from the sad history of slavery that was once allowed on the islands. The people of the Bahamas are as rich and varied as the history. They are hospitable, easy-going, and friendly to all the tourists who visit there.

Delicious food is easy to find in the Bahamas. It is simple but rich and full of flavor. Fresh seafood such as lobster and crab is served in many restaurants. One of the main dishes is called conch. It is a savory sea snail that is cooked in a variety of ways. You will want to try the salad called conch ceviche. Most people visiting the Bahamas want to try the famous traditional rum cake that the islands are known for.

There are many scenic spots to visit in the Bahamas. Dean's Blue Hole is near Long Island. It is the second deepest sinkhole in the ocean. If you are an adventurous diver, you will want to try diving there. Many visitors like to visit Big Major Cay on the Exuma Islands to see the swimming pigs. When you arrive at Pig Beach, you will see a host of swimming pigs coming enthusiastically to greet you. Another great place to go is the Lucayan National Park on Grand Bahama Island. If you are a birdwatcher, this is the best place to visit. You will see Bahama swallows, the olive-capped warbler, and the thick-billed vireo. The Andros Great Barrier Reef is home to a variety of species of marine life. Tourists love to take a boat out and go snorkeling there.

The cruise ships have their own private islands that they take their passengers to. These islands are great getaways for passengers as the only visitors are the cruise ship lines. Disney Cruise line leases Castaway Cay from the Bahamian government. Half Moon Cay was bought by Holland America. Royal Caribbean has exclusive rights to Coco Cay. Norwegian Cruise lines take its passengers to Great Stirrup Cay. When booking a cruise to the Bahamas, it's important to know which private island you will be able to visit. It would also be fun to take cruises to the Bahamas on different cruise lines in order to experience each private island.

Whether your reason for vacationing in the Bahamas is to get to know the people and the culture or to experience the various island getaways, you can't go wrong with booking a cruise to get there. Cruises are an inexpensive way to travel to the Bahamas. Cruises offer destinations in the Bahamas that only their passengers get to experience. Cruises also offer different excursions that cater to the different interests of their passengers. If you love vacation getaways, you should book a cruise to the Bahamas soon.

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