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Tuesday 29th December 2020
Nobody will tell you that about Sports Betting

Sports betting can be a ton of fun, but it can also cost you a ton of money if you aren’t careful. You need to go in slowly, without putting all your money down on a bet right off the bet. While you can’t control the outcomes of the games you are betting on, you can research the teams involved and get a good understanding of why the odds are set the way they are.

You can actually do your betting at Australian casinos and don’t have to do it online or somewhere like Las Vegas. Online casinos are great because they actually offer some free bonuses that you can use on other games at the casinos like slots, roulette, or poker.

That said, you can bet online at places like Fan Duel and Draft Kings if that is your preference instead of going to a casino. There are many online websites that can accommodate sports betting and you just need to pick your favorite.

Local tournaments are another great way to place some bets, or you can even host some poker tournaments and make friendly wagers.

Betting at Casinos

Australian casinos are a great place to do your sports betting and other online game play. Just tread carefully, and a few things about betting on sports under consideration before you dive right:

  • What are the different types of wagers? Don’t make a rookie and accidentally wager an entirely different dollar amount than you thought because betting odds can be hard to understand at first – take the time to understand what it is you are betting on.
  • How do you make those payments and what does it all mean? At a minimum, you need to understand the difference between 10:1 odds and 100:1 odds, as it could make or break your bank account and it will drastically affect the odds you win or how much you would get as a payout if you do win.
  • What sports do you want to bet on? Don’t bet on something you know nothing about. While you can’t control the outcome of a game, you can be smart about it. Choose which sports to bet on and where to bet – you might think betting on your favorite team to win will be enjoyable and win you a lot of money, but your heart can get in the way of making a more logical betting decision.

Keep an eye on everyone else so you know how they are betting. What research are they doing before they bet? Are they blindly throwing money in? Are there TVs? Books with odds in them? While you shouldn’t bet the same as someone else, you want to at least do more research than him so you can increase the odds that you can at least beat the guys you are betting against.


Betting Online

The internet has become king when it comes to betting (and a lot of other things). Since it has never been easier to bet online, there is no reason you can’t bet online. You can now do it safely from your own home and don’t have to worry about going out to a casino or a bar with people you don’t know to place your bets.

Sports betting websites have become so popular they can actually get overwhelmed with the amount of bets. Fortunately, technology has come a long way and most of the kinks have been worked out. Some sports owners are actually pushing for more sports betting, so it is not going away anytime soon.

You might soon see gambling opportunities legally existing inside ballparks and stadiums across the world. It really does not matter which website you use, just find one you like and stick with it.


Shop Local

Support your local businesses, right? Local bookstores instead of Amazon, etc. But, don’t forget about local tournaments. You can keep your sports betting and money local without going to a casino or doing it only. There are many ways you can keep your betting local:

  • Host a tournament at your house – poker became popular in basements with whiskey, cigars, and money – sometimes it’s best to keep it simple and stick with what works
  • Bet with your friends on a pool of sports games throughout a week – things like football blocks, where you get a square based on the points scored – there are a lot of ways to put down a small amount of money to keep you interested in a game without breaking your bank account – low risk, high rewards type of bets like 10$ on a block of points for a weekend of football watching
  • Bet against your friends on the outcome of a game – again, this is sort of how sports betting started, why complicate it?

Local competition and banter with your friends can be more fun than a night out at the casino or betting against people you don’t know. Enjoy sports betting for the competition and make it less about the money you will win or lose. If you and your friends are going to get together to watch a match anyways, just throw some money on the outcome to make things a little more interesting.

Protect your Assets

When you are betting on sports, remember that you usually can’t control the outcome – this might be the most important thing to remember about betting on sports. You can’t change it! What you can change is making you don’t blow all your money betting on teams that you can’t control.
The more cautious you are, the more likely you are to keep some of your money. You should have fun while betting, and it’s no fun to lose all of your money. Never get down below the limit you said you would stay above. There might not be a worse feeling in the world than waking up the morning after losing all your money betting on games you could not control the outcome of.

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