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Tuesday 6th October 2020

What is Horse Racing?

Horse racing is a sport on which you can make bets and is especially popular in the UK, USA, UAE, and Australia. The goal of the race is to reach the finish as soon as possible: the one who is the first is the winner. Horse racing differs from team games as this is a competition with a large number of contestants, and it is possible to place a bet on many outcomes. Therefore sport fans continue to bet in horse racing in online casinos not on gamstop.

Horse racing

Specific features of the bets

There are several bets on races in internet-casinos:

  • on one winner - Win;
  • on the probability of one horse taking any winning place - Place;
  • on the probability of a horse finishing first, second or third – Show;
  • on the first two winners in the right order – Forecast;
  • on the first three winners who will finish in the specific order – Treble. This is one of the most complex bets;
  • on two estimated winners. The bet wins if one of the selection finishes – Reverse Forecast.

Beside the basic bets, there are specialty bets accepted only in individual online casinos

To make a bet correctly, one should accumulate experience. Professional gamblers in online casino don’t only collect full information about the horse’s form before the races. They also make inquiries into the state of the track surface and weather conditions. Besides, professionals collect statistics on a particular horse for years, creating databases. This information allows to calculate a specific horse’s odds of winning, estimate its abilities at the current moment and place a correct wager. Knowing specific terminology guarantees an online casino gambler success in horse racing bets. For example, betting odds can be the following:

  • for long-term bets – AP;
  • for bets after the number of runners has been confirmed – EP. These odds are called early, as they are valid until the horses are brought to the racetrack;
  • for bets effective from the moment the animals are brought to the courtyard until the races – EP;
  • for the bets at the start of the race – SP.


The following specific terms are used for bets:

  • maiden – a horse which has never won before;
  • flat – flat races in the UK;
  • jumps – races with hurdles;
  • hurdle – a low barrier for horses;
  • chase – high barriers. They are also called steeplechase;
  • novices, beginner – runners with little experience or a small number of wins in races;
  • mares, fillies – a race in which only mares participate;
  • conditional, apprentice – these words indicate that only beginner jockeys take part in the race.
Horse racing continue to be relevant today, so sports fans place their bets in online casinos. To choose an appropriate club, it is necessary to study its terms and conditions. This can be done with the help of professional reviews.