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Wednesday 17th June 2020
Worst Bets in Racing


For many racing fans and gamers, the sport is an acquired art. Some people come across it by sheer luck while for some, it runs through blood from generation to generation.

Now, for newbies who are enthusiastic about race betting, the area can be a bit hard to manoeuvre. However, if you arm yourself with some knowledge and research, about the game plus some little luck, you will be better off to gamble. To help you with that here are some bets to avoid.

Very Small or big fields

Tiny racing fields are demoralizing even for the fastest pony on the track. In most cases, the hype usually dies down soon after it realizes the race isn't long enough to allow it to build steam. Similarly, massive tracks are a bit hard to bet on.

The animal's speed see-saws throughout the race, making it unpredictable. As such, put your money on a track that is long enough to give the horse momentum as well as small enough to allow it to maintain it over a certain distance.

Exotic wagers

Exotic and Straight; these are the main types of wagers in betting. Straight is when you count on a particular horse to come in third, second, or first. Exotic wagers, on the other hand, are more flexible and refer to betting on different horses in the same race.

Though more exciting than straight bets, they are a bit hard to win. Avoid them entirely until you gain the knowledge and competence required to bet on several horses.

Don't place a wager on a play you have not studied comprehensibly. Have the patience to wait for the right races and stick only to races you are confident in


Horse betting is fun because it gives you better probabilities of winning the lottery. Actually, this is the main reason why it is referred to as the most exciting 2-minute sport.

Now, most inexperienced bettors tend to bet on a pony depending on how fit or good it looks. Don't do that! The most charming horse won't win you the lottery. Instead, a horse with a good jockey and class will. 

Handicap races

These are the most popular races at the moment. The horses carry some baggage depending on their skill to level the playing field, giving each animal an equal chance of winning the race.

The games are a favorite of most bookers because of the enormous profits associated with them. Nonetheless, they are tough to predict. So avoid betting on such games.

Long shot bets

You have perhaps come across the 50 to 1 odds and decided to risk a few dollars because of how much you will win right? Well, most newbies in the game have either thought of doing it or have done it.

Though long-short horses can win, the reality is that there are reasons why they are called long shots. Those who win such bets play depending on value and not luck. So if you bet on a long-short horse, it should because of the value it offers. If there is no value, just pass.

Large Bets

Technically, heavy favorites offer low odds in most races. This essentially means that if you win on a heavy favorite and win, your profit is less than when you win on longer odds. So does it mean you should avoid betting on favorites?

Not really. But as mentioned earlier, the first factor you should consider before making any bet is value. If the favorite horse offers the best value against the odds, go ahead and put your money on the favorite. Similarly, if the odds don't offer value don't risk your money.

Another factor you should consider before making any bet is how the odds work in the race. Big bets make small odds even smaller. This is why you shouldn't make bets on favorite horses. If the odds are low and you still bet, they become even lower setting you up for disaster in the end.

There are tons of things that are outside your reach; the jockey and the horse's speed are good examples. Also, the horse can get trapped or can stumble during the race, and the 1 or 2 seconds can make the difference between finishing second and winning.

Enhance your chances starting now

There are a few vital races scheduled in the next few days, and it can be your best days if you prepare properly as well as access the right data. Try and watch a few races and keep your ears and eyes open.

This is in regard to the latest news and odd, not just gossips and inside tips. Also, pay attention to offers and free tools online. They can go a long way in making you a better horse racing bettor.