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Thursday 23rd April 2020
Casino Jobs: You Work Hard, They Play Hard

People working in casino industry have an exciting and well-paid job, not to mention big prospects for advancing in the career. Most casinos nowadays have the policy of promoting people already working at the establishment over hiring new people at higher positions. This combined with the nice salary and tips – and you get quite the lucrative job opportunity.

With casino numbers on the rise as well as the growth of the online casino industry, more and more people get the chance to work at a casino today. However, visiting a casino as a guest and playing the games you know does not prepare you for work in the gaming industry. If you want to work there, you need to train and possess the right skills. For some of the jobs, you even need certifications.


Casino Employment at the Moment

Statistics have shown that jobs in the casino industry grew by an average of 13 percent between 2014 and 2020. When compared to most other occupations, the numbers are higher than the average. Now that technology has entered the casino industry, the opportunities are growing faster than ever.

One of the reasons why people want to work in a casino is the salary. The salaries vary depending on the job position within the casino but still, the offers are very lucrative. Since you can apply for a better position once you get in-house training, you have high prospects of earning even more as you progress.

However, to get higher, you need to be good at what you do. proves that the success of a casino depends on many things, one of them being the performance of the employees. According to the source, the quality of a casino depends on much more than just the games they offer. That being said, before you apply for or take any casino job, you should learn what’s expected of you based on the position.

Education and Training: What Do I Need to Work at a Casino?

Casinos check the background of all candidates who apply to work at their establishment. It is the casinos’ policies, as well as different states’ regulations, that people employed at casinos must not have criminal records.

The background check will also tell the casino about your education, training, and experience, if any. The requirements for these can vary between casinos, but trustworthy establishments usually require high credentials for their higher positions. After all, you cannot expect the top online casino in New Zealand to employ a casino croupier without checking his qualifications or background.

The requirements regarding your qualifications will depend on the job you apply to get. People who want to work in administrative and management branches within a casino will probably need a Bachelor’s or Masters degree in economics, business, management, sales, or hospitality. The leadership roles at a casino are only given to employees with industry experience, relevant education, and good references. If you have worked at a casino for a while and gotten in-house training, you may also apply for a higher, leadership position.

Getting a Job at a Casino

The great thing about casinos is that they have opportunities for people with various experiences and skills. They welcome inexperienced staff for some positions and experienced staff for others. Because of the many jobs available at casinos, you can probably land a nice job even with minimal or no experience and grow once you’re in.

Getting a job at a casino depends on several factors that vary based on the casino’s and state’s requirements. But, if you get through the background check and have no criminal record, you have a pretty good chance at employment as long as you apply for the right position.
Here is what the most demanded positions at a casino require from the employees. 

Casino card dealer

The casino dealer salary is really enticing, especially if you work at a popular casino. Some casinos hire only experienced casino dealers, but many will offer in-house training to get you prepped. Before you apply, make sure to know how to shuffle and deal cards, and learn the rules of the games. You can take an entry-level position while you train to become a card dealer.

Casino host

Casino concierge hosts are communicative people who provide excellent customer service. But, you also need to be able to handle all kinds of customers and deal with any arising issues. The casino host duties are numerous and require great problem solving and communication skills. If you possess these, this can be a rewarding and fun job to do. Many casinos employ people with little or no experience as long as they prove themselves to be worthy of this position.

Pit boss

Pit bosses aren’t people looking to make trouble – they are people who are trained to prevent it. To work as a pit boss, you don’t just have to look like one or be trained and strong. You also need to pay attention to details and learn to recognize the problematic players, as well as have some customer service skills. The pay scale for this position is quite high and this job can be really exciting for the right person.

Coin loader

If you have been looking for an entry-level position, this is one of the most common ones you can get. This is easy and the perfect starting point for your career in the casino industry. It requires some dedication and attention to detail.

The casino industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s growing every day. It offers great work opportunities, which means that you definitely have a shot to work at it. But before you apply, make sure that you know what’s expected of you and what position is most fitting for you at the moment.

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