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Wednesday 18th March 2020
Might Online Gaming Replace Traditional Sports Competitions?

The public has enjoyed online competitions since Pong was first released over 40 years ago. As the demand for this technology has continued to rise, developers have been forced to invent even more new and innovative ways to keep the attention of the average customer. From traditional games provided through the Nintendo Entertainment System to modern platforms which utilise artificial intelligence and three-dimensional rendering, the sense of realism is amazing. This is just as applicable when referring to horse racing, as games such as Division Derby and Champion Jockey take the notion of virtual competition to an entirely new level. This brings up a rather interesting question. Might there come a day when traditional race courses are replaced in favour of their digital counterparts? Let's take an objective look at this question in order to draw a rational conclusion.

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The Argument for Online Games and Virtual Competitions

There are several reasons why fans are taking to the digital community to enjoy fast-paced pastimes such as horse racing. We are not only referring to the ability to watch real-time competitions in this sense. We must also highlight the fact of sheer convenience. Many virtual games (particularly those designed for mobile phones) can be downloaded in a matter of seconds and a sizeable portion of these are free to enjoy.

Furthermore, such games are great ways to further appreciate the intricacies of the sport itself. The role of artificial intelligence (AI) and graphics that literally appear to leap off of the screen are other attractive traits which cannot possibly be denied. Virtual competitions likewise offer a sense of human interaction that would be impossible via other means (besides physically heading to the racetrack). These are some of the very same reasons why live blackjack and similar games which involve wagering are just as popular.

Tradition Cannot be Trumped by Technology

While technology purists would argue that it is only a matter of time before this digital world supersedes traditional events, we still need to remember a very important point. There are many aspects of a physical competition which can never be duplicated within the online community. The smell of the racetrack in the early morning, the warmth of the sun on a summer's day and the sounds of the hooves as they pound the ground underfoot are some of the aspects which are entirely unique to the real-world environment. Indeed, many fans of horse racing find these qualities to be just as attractive as the competitions themselves.

Will the online gaming community continue to grow? There is no doubt that this trend is expected to continue? However, the fact of the matter is that real-world competitions will always retain their unique allure; regardless of the age of the audience. This is why the digital community continues to remain a virtual "shadow" in relation to the events themselves. It will nonetheless be quite interesting to see how the online community continues to grow and evolve well into the future.

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