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Monday 16th March 2020
5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget for a Day at the Races

Ah, a day at the races. An opportunity to mingle with friends and family, while indulging in the excitement of betting on a horse race. Of course, the enjoyment of a day at the races is not just about betting but rather the finer details which can make your experience more convenient, interesting and memorable.

But what does this mean exactly?

It means that most race-goers know about the do’s and don’ts of a day at the races. More specifically, these enthusiasts know exactly what items to leave at home and what they should absolutely not forget for a day at the races. While some of these items will seem basic or obvious, it should be noted that many people forget them and this is especially true when visiting a race track for the first time.

Now, let’s take a look at five things that you shouldn’t forget for a day at the races.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget for a Day at the Races 

1. Binoculars for Watching the Race Unfold

As you may know, the horses are usually paraded around a ring approximately twenty minutes before the start of a race. You can use this time to take a closer look at the jockey and horse, and determine whether they look healthy or not. Needless to say, there is no exact theory involved and it’s impossible to know anything about the doping side of horse racing but this process will at least give you a better idea in terms of how you “feel” about placing a certain bet. If you are at a distance, binoculars will obviously come in handy but either way, this wonderful gadget is the best way to watch the actual race unfold. As if that’s not enough, binoculars are designed to work in low-light conditions which means you will have the best view possible, regardless of the distance, environment or conditions.

2. Anker Powercore to Recharge Your Smartphone

As you may know, a smartphone is one of the most important items for a day at the races. Aside from keeping in touch with friends or family, you can download apps that will really add to the overall experience. But more on apps in a moment. Keeping in mind how often you are likely to use this smartphone, you should also realize that battery power is always an issue for race-goers. In other words, you are certain to run out of battery on the big day and left to annoy your friends with questions about this and that! What’s more, it’s nearly impossible to find an available outlet at a busy racetrack, not to mention that you won’t have time to wait around for your phone to charge. But what’s the solution? The Anker Powercore (reviewed here) holds up to 10,000 amperes which is basically enough power to recharge your phone more than once. With a slim and lightweight design, this is also a very convenient item to carry and a much better option than searching for a wall charger.

3. The Bare Essentials for Race Day

Believe it or not, a day at the races is often spoiled when you forget the bare essentials. Although there is no definitive list in this regard, it helps to take some protective items. Skincare is important as you will be exposed to the elements on race day. Sunscreen, hand cream, and hemp lip balm can all be used to protect against the sun and wind. You'd be surprised how many people end up with sunburns or cracked skin as a result of not bringing anything. Also, a pair of sunglasses is an absolute necessity on a sunny day, while a rain jacket is more than useful if you happen to be outdoors when it rains. At the same time, what you wear is just as important and while you want to look good, it’s essential to wear comfortable clothing and shoes in particular. After all, you will likely spend most of this day on your feet and the likes of a pair of high heels will have obvious repercussions should you choose to wear them! 

4. Racing App/Website to Place Bets and Check Odds

It’s true, there are millions of racing apps and websites out there for a day at the races. However, not all racing websites are created equal and only the best will use the latest technology to provide a fast and reliable experience. Now, that’s not to say you won’t get some of this information at the race course but rather to point out the convenience of these online resources. In fact, rather than running in and out to check odds or form, it makes far more sense to use a trusted racing website for keeping up to date and even placing bets.

5. Snacks - The Most Necessary but Temporary Item for Race Day

At this point, we should note that you will not want to carry too much on race day. In fact, each item on this list is not only small but also very lightweight. And snacks are something you will most certainly use on race which makes them a good item to carry and also one which is temporary. That is to say, you will obviously consume these snacks at some point and most importantly, you will want to have them in the first place. It’s also worth pointing out that food is rather expensive at most race tracks and taking your own snacks will save you a few bob.

Final Thoughts

According to Alex Kapinski at NJGamblingFun, “Horse racing continues to provide one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the UK and an exciting way to spend a weekend. While many of the items on this list are basic and rather obvious, it’s easy to forget each one of them, and the result is often frustration and a lesson learned.”

Anyway, some things are best left at home and some are built for a day at the races. With this in mind, it certainly pays to keep this list in mind and when it comes to getting the most out of your experience, these ideas are sure to improve your day!

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