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Thursday 5th March 2020
Best Betting Sites in India 2020

The Indian sports betting industry has always been somewhat controversial due to the restrictive laws prohibiting online gambling. However, the laws pertaining to sports betting such as horse racing and cricket sports betting are far more lenient, allowing for some of the best betting sites for Indians and an equally fair chance of winning Rupees based on accurate forecasts and predictions.

Because online gambling is limited in India, the popularity of sports betting sites has increased tenfold over the past few years. Thanks to this popularity the evolution of these sites has transpired at a rapid pace.

How Have Indian Sports Betting Sites Evolved?

Players have actively become a part of the sports betting industry by being privy to the quality of accurate sports betting data, modelled to project the best odds for players looking to win real cash. Horse racing is already one of the most popular sports in India and market research has compared the ‘5 Classic Races’ to the British classic races.

The number of ‘classic’ races totals at 5, but are not limited to these 5. Simply put, these are the biggest purse races in the country and as a result, have attracted a generous number of online sports bettors. The 5 most popular horse racing events in India include:

  • The Indian 1000 Guineas
  • The Indian 2000 Guineas
  • The Indian Oaks
  • The Indian Derby
  • The Indian St. Ledger  

Sports betting sites have evolved to offer more accurate odds, more recent previews based on events due to take place in the not so distant future. In order to project accurate odds, AI technology has been incorporated into these sites, extracting odds based upon old and new data and evolving to distribute these odds to the Indian market of online sports betting.

Cricket Sports Betting in India

Another sport to have had deep roots in the Indian culture is cricket and so cricket sports betting is just as popular as horse racing sports betting. In fact, while horse racing has always attracted a larger fan base around the world, it is cricket to have deeper pockets in terms of sports betting in India.

The wicket and ball game is without a doubt one of the most popular sports in India apart from horse racing and the market of bettors has grown over the past 5 years. With thanks to massive matches including the Cricket World Cup, the sports betting industry is on fire for Indian bettors with a passion for the sport.

When India played Bangladesh a total of £17 million was bet on one game alone. The numbers increase during these big cricket matches, especially international one day games. However, India remains one of the top markets for sports betting on cricket.

Combining the two markets, horse racing and cricket sports betting, India generates massive revenue and as a result, there are many trustworthy and accurate sports betting sites that have evolved to deliver more accurate results in an expedient manner.

With this in mind, the best betting sites in India offer the best odds, allowing for an incredible market of sports betting for Indians.

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