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Friday 28th February 2020
Horse Betting Games vs. Slots

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Horse betting games and slots both feature on online casinos and are increasingly popular for their ability to mimic real-life action.

Games like a “Day in the Derby” on popular online casinos like Gclub can transport you to the racetrack just as much as online slot machines games like “Slotmania” transport you to any casino in Vegas or London!

But how do the two compare? We've taken an in-depth look at the features and differences to put you in the know.

Horse Betting Games Are Like Slots but Use Historical Horse Races

Similar to slots machines, horse betting games enable you to see a slot machine-style outcome.

These games allow you to bet on the outcome of horse races, just like you would at any bookmakers or horse racing course.

However, horse betting games only let you bet on historical races while slots machines allow you to bet on real-time games, which ups the thrill as a result is yet to come.

All Horse Betting Games Outcomes Are Predetermined

With horse betting games, the thrill and challenge of knowing the outcome of each horse race are no longer there, but you can accelerate to the result to find out whether a bet was a loser or a winner.

Horse betting slots machines come with already predetermined odds. Any bonuses you win are also already predetermined as the outcome of the horse race was already decided.

In essence, the game provides slot machine-style entertainment and nothing more. With slots, however, you'll need to keep all your wits about you to win decent payouts as the game of chance is still very much in play. 

Horse Betting Games Allow You to Replay Actual Outcomes, Slots Don’t

As well as viewing the animated horserace, with horse betting games on platforms like Gclub, players have the option of watching representations of outcomes as they would on a traditional slots machine. Players can also replay those outcomes instead of just focusing on spinning the reels.

These animated representations are much like spinning reels on a traditional slot machine, and hence very much resembles slots gaming.

The Bottom Line: Horse Betting Games vs. Slots

The bottom line is that horse betting games, despite their realistic feel, play very much like slot machines as players don’t have to do anything other than spin the reel. This quality allows casinos to provide gaming machines that could interest slots machine players in the more traditional world of horse racing, and indeed encourage them to place horse racing bets in the real world.

Have you ever played horse betting games or slots games on online casinos like Gclub? What was your experience, and which do you prefer?

Whatever your preference, remember that gambling responsibly is always encouraged and whichever gaming adventure you choose to go on, take great care to limit the time and wager money you spend on any given game or website.

As soon as you feel the pressure to win rather than to enjoy yourself, then stop!

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