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Friday 28th February 2020
Horse Betting vs. Traditional Casino


If horse racing is the Sport of Kings, then the casino is the ultimate playground of the thrill seeker.

What both entertainments have in common is gambling—they enable you to place wagers on the outcome with the chance to earn a decent profit should you win. Horse betting primarily falls under sports betting, while casinos, both traditional establishments and online casinos like 918Kiss, fall under gaming.

But, which is better, and how do they compare in the world of gambling? Here, we take a look at the differences to find out.

Immerse Yourself in the Atmosphere with Horse Betting

The atmosphere of a race track as the horses battle it out to win a race is unmatched!

If you prefer to watch this thrilling spectacle, meet your chosen horse in real life, meet with upmarket horse racing enthusiasts, and discuss events with fellow punters, then horse betting is for you.

However, not all punters like this high-octane environment and may choose a quieter space in which to place their bets on slow-moving games like roulette, blackjack, and slots. If this is you, then the traditional casino is more your style.

Horse Betting Strategies Differ from Traditional Casino Strategies

Horse betting can allow you to place a handicap with a positive expected value over many months to a year. With casinos, this is a betting strategy that is not available.

Once you’ve placed your handicap, all you need do is to wait and watch the personal TV simulcast screens broadcast the outcomes of the horse races. Your wager can continue to bring in cash, generating a healthy profit in only a couple of hours.

With casinos, however, punters place bets as they play and win on the conclusion of that game—a very different kettle of fish!

Horse Betting is Utilitarian; Casinos Are Entertainment Mega Spots

While most bets on horse races occur either at the track or the bookmakers, casino games play out in entertainment establishments that often combine other games and activities like bars, hotels, and resorts.

You only need to look at the Las Vegas strip to understand the over-the-top entertainment arenas that casinos are!

While some may love these glitzy gambling temples, which offer a host of other casino games in one space, others prefer the quieter atmosphere of the bookmaker or the more upmarket, subdued environment of the race track, where the only priority is to bet on the horse race.

Bottom Line: Horse Betting vs. Traditional Casino

Horse betting has experienced a decline recently with highly developed casino resorts and online gaming platforms like 918Kiss making an entrance.

However, not all punters have abandoned this Sport of Kings. It all depends on the preferences of the punter, and whether one likes to wager on sports or casino games. Also, some punters love the energetic atmosphere of the races, while others prefer the quieter casino, and even more prefer to play online on platforms in the comfort of their homes. 

It doesn't matter whether you prefer the old-world feel of the race track or the glittering atmosphere of the casino with its slots and VGTs. The experience and thrill of placing a bet and learning the craft of responsible gambling are still very much alive, whether on the race track or in the casino!

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