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Thursday 30th January 2020
Excitement is Building for The Saudi Cup, and the $20m Prize Fund

For so long, horse racing was thought of as a Western pursuit. Indeed, all the top tournaments and races took place in the US and the UK; the Grand National, The Preakness Stakes, and the Kentucky Derby, for example. However, in recent years, the sport has evolved and grown, and it’s become much more popular across the globe these days.

There is a much sexier vibe to horse racing nowadays, and it’s seen as one of the premier sporting events in everyone’s calendar. And one of the best examples of the growth and reach of the sport is the exciting coverage being generated in Asia. In particular, Saudi Arabia has embraced horse racing in a big way, with the acclaimed Saudi Cup vying to be the showpiece event in the sport’s calendar. Let’s find out more about this breathtaking new race that looks set to redefine the sport.

Why Saudi?

So, you might be wondering why Saudi Arabia? The country is not traditionally one that springs to mind when we consider horse racing. However, it seems that HRH Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia has an affinity with the sport and that his father was even a jockey in his younger years! Furthermore, the horse is an integral animal in Arabian culture; indeed, Arabian horses exude energy, courage, and nobility, and are known for their speed and endurance. These are qualities that symbolise horse racing as a sport, Saudi Arabia as a nation, and the Saudi Cup itself.

Biggest Purse in the Sport

Horse racing in Saudi Arabia is looking to transform the sport and make waves in the right places. And one of the key ways in which this is being achieved is through the purse that is being offered. At a jaw-dropping $20 million USD, this is the largest prize money in horse racing, and adds a lot of prestige to the Saudi Cup. This is sure to attract the best talent in horse racing, as well as bringing in household names by way of spectators. We have no doubt that the world’s elite will be flocking to Riyadh on February 29th of this year, to enjoy a spectacle that is soon to become the pinnacle of the sport.


As with all good horse racing events, spectators will be treated to undercard races before the main event. There are a few different undercard races, with prize money ranging from $500,000 to $2.5 million. Horses trained in Saudi Arabia are eligible to race in the Saudi Cup if they win one of these races, scheduled to take place on February 7th of this year. What’s more, the Pegasus World Cup winner gets an automatic invite to compete in the Saudi Cup.

Attending the Event

If you are interested in attending the Saudi Cup, then you’ll want to know about ticket information. It’s important to understand what is available in terms of ticket options, and this is why you need to hit the official website for in-depth information about ticket allocations and packages.

You can buy tickets for Kingdom Day (the day before), as well as the actual Saudi Cup day itself. The Saudi Cup begins at 4pm, with the final race taking place at 8.30pm. General admission tickets cost $50 for an adult, while hospitality tickets for the Saudi Cup Pavilion will set you back around $650.

What the Future Holds

The future looks pretty exciting for those in the horse racing industry and those with an interest in international racing events. The Saudi Cup is generating more and more buzz, and this is something that is quickly becoming a must-see event, either on television or in person. The better the riders and the more exciting the races, the more the prestige of the competition will grow. Saudi Arabia clearly wants to turn this into the seminal event in horse racing, up there with the Grand National. And they do have a long way to go, but this is certainly something that is achievable, with the right talent and financing in place.

Horse racing is a hugely popular sport, with followers all across the world, and Asia is certainly a continent that is embracing this more closely in recent times. The Saudi Cup is the flagship horse racing event in Asia and one that looks set to grow in prominence as the years progress.

That’s why you need to make sure you do as much as possible to take advantage of this, and ensure you get to enjoy the spectacle and watch it as much as you can.

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