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Saturday 12th January 2019
How close are we to legal online gambling in the USA?

The biggest and most important gambling market has been hamstrung by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. For more than a decade, US players were unable to gamble legally online and had to make difficult decisions when enjoying their favorite casino games. Some chose to forsake this form of entertainment altogether and occasionally play at brick-and-mortar operators. Others were willing to take a leap of faith with unregulated Internet casinos headquartered beyond borders and outside the reach of US regulators. The biggest and most respected gambling groups chose to steer clear from the US market. But many new slot sites in the UK are now moving into the US market.

In recent years, several states have passed gambling laws aimed at regulating the market and restore the casino games. New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have been at the forefront of this legislative offensive since 2015 and they have passed new gambling laws. It is now legal to play casino games in all these states, although online casinos are subject to certain rules when catering to local players. With the wheels set in motion, other US states contemplate similar laws and there’s real hope that online gambling could once again be legal nationwide.

2019 could be a Critical Year for Online Gambling in the US

The three states lead by example and they have started to reap the benefits of legalizing online gambling. Internet casinos catering for local players have generated significant income for the state coffers while raking in nice profits themselves. Land-based casinos are the only losers in what looks to be like a mutually beneficial arrangement between Internet operators and local authorities. The players themselves are the biggest winners, since they can gamble legally at licensed casinos. They no longer have to take chances with dodgy operators, while fearing the legal repercussions of playing real money games online.

Pennsylvania is one of the bigger states that have passed new gambling laws and more are expected to follow suit in 2019. Online casinos can apply for a license and even though the licensing fees are pretty steep, the return on investment makes the financial burden worthwhile. Players who choose to gamble at these licensed casinos can enjoy everything from slots and pokers to table games. These operators are held by the highest security standards and they are also compelled to protect the most vulnerable players. Those who need assistance are referred to gambling support groups to overcome their addiction.

Legal Online Gambling is Just around the Corner

Except for a handful of US states who have maintained a hard line in regard to online gambling, there is almost consensus that the matter is worth a second look. Americans have found ways to gamble over the Internet in spite of the prohibitive laws, although they do it at great personal risk. The idea of legalizing online gambling makes perfect sense under these circumstances and lawmakers can’t ignore the financial benefits. After more than a decade of prohibition, there are more people who think that the benefits outweigh the shortcomings, so legal online gambling in the USA is imminent.