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Wednesday 27th November 2019
Why is Horse Racing a Better Bet than Football?

Betting on football and horse racing are the world’s two most popular forms of gambling. There is a constant war between fans of the two sports as to which is better when it comes to placing a bet on a game or a race. Both sports have their pros and cons for bettors, which is what makes the decision so difficult.

After all, betting on football is so simple and so much fun. It’s a long match and there is so much of excitement that keeps the game going.

Horse racing, on the other hand, has a much more extensive set of variables which makes betting so much more exciting.

Well, here, we have compiled a few reasons why horse racing is a better betting option than football!

Range of Variables

The range of betting variables in horse racing is more than you will find in any other sport. There are so many filters that even the most experienced bettor will take time to think about his or her bets.

Punters who love to bet on horses will consider factors such as the current form of the horse, the past odds against that horse, what each of the individual horses look like, and so on and so forth.

Outsiders with Huge Odds that Win the Race

There are so many horses that run the race, and sometimes betting on that outsider can be so fruitful. You have as much chance of winning with an outsider with 20-1 odds as you have winning with the favorite who has just a 2-1 odds.

The point is, you can end up making quite a pretty penny on those outsiders if you just do your research well! After all, data shows that in the Grand National, over the last 40 years, only 4 times have the favorites actually won the race. Most of the time it’s the outsiders who blaze through the finish line, upsetting all odds!

You Almost Always Get a Result

There was this one football game, Chelsea vs. Man United, which ended at a draw – neither team had scored by the end of the game. And when you look at the statistics, about a third of all football matches end in a draw.

In horse racing, on the other hand, there are very few instances of a race not having a definite winner. Racing are exciting and the results are right there for all to see at the end of the game!

Betting on the Races is Definitely More Profitable

For those of us who like to bet, football is not exactly the most rewarding of all sports. The odds about outcomes are usually short, and the winner usually gets only a 2-1 odds on their bets. You always have the option of betting on those exotic variables, such as the exact score, or a full-time double, but the usual bets in football don’t give you that much in wins.

Horse racing, on the other hand, offers you so many ways in which you can win big. You obviously need to study all the factors that could influence the race, but once you do, you can actually win a handsome sum!

There is Always a Race Somewhere!

Football season is one of the most exciting in the world. There are back to back matches and you can stay up all night watching the game and betting on various teams (and those exotic bets, if you like them!). You can bet free on a lot of online betting sites during the season! However, once the season is over, then you’re back to, well, twiddling your thumbs!

Horse racing, on the other hand, is on throughout the year. There are so many races to attend and to bet on that the fun never really stops! And since there are so many different kinds of horse races, that the weather seldom stops one from taking place.

Variety of Horse Races

Football matches are great! However, there is only one type of football match that you can bet on.

Now, horse racing has so many varieties that you never can get enough of it! There are maiden races, handicap races, Group races, fences, hurdles, and the deadly Flat! Added to that, each of the racecourses have their own unique characteristics, each of which need to be kept in mind while racing and betting.


While there are many who may be finally converted to at least giving horse racing aa try, and finding out that it is, in fact, more fun and more profitable than football, we will never be able to convert die-hard football fanatics, and the battle over which sport is better will continue for ages to come!

After all, horse racing isn’t the easiest sport to understand, but it does have a depth as well as richness of history that makes it so rewarding!