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Tuesday 12th November 2019
Casino Gambling VS Sports Betting: What’s the difference?

Despite being different activities, most people use the word gambling when referring to either sports betting or casino gaming. So, do the two words imply the same thing? Stick around to find out how both sports wagering and casino gambling operate.

Sports Betting

Sports betting refers to wagering real money on the outcome of a sports event. Let's say you enjoy watching horse racing. You could research all horses scheduled to participate in an upcoming competition. Next up, you join a betting website that offers horse racing markets and bet on your favourite horse.

Sports betting encompasses all recognized sports, including new sports like eSports. It also involves predicting all possible outcomes in a game and not the match-winner alone. As such, you could predict the last three horses at a competition, goal scorers in football or the number of interceptions in American football.

Casino Gambling

Casino gambling refers to betting real money in a game of chance. It involves playing games like slots, blackjack, video poker, baccarat, bingo and roulette. That being said, the main difference between sports betting and casino gambling is that in casinos, you actively play a game.

By comparison, you don’t play the games you bet on in sports betting. Quite the contrary, you can only watch them through a TV screen or by buying tickets to watch the games at stadiums.

Although they have their differences, sports and casino gambling have their similarities. That's why you'll often find both services at popular gambling websites. The most crucial similarity is that both activities allow you to bet your money for a chance to win more money.

There are more differences between the two industries, though. Here are some of them:

Odds VS House Edge

In sports betting, people look at the odds provided for each betting outcome to determine whether it’s worth it or not. At online casinos, gamblers are most interested in the house edge of different games. Despite that, both odds and house edges help players determine which games provide the best chances of winning.

Surprisingly, both sports odds and house edges are designed to help gambling platforms beat gamblers in the long haul. That’s why very few people make profits consistently through gambling. Bookies and casinos have an advantage of players no matter which games they play or bet on.

Free Bets VS Free Spins

Free bets are given by sports betting sites as rewards to new or existing customers. When you have a free horse racing bet, you can wager on a single horse racing outcome without spending your money.

By comparison, casinos give out free spins to help new or existing customers play slot machines without spending their money. Casinos also give out bonuses in the form of free money to allow players to wager on blackjack, poker and other table games.

Sometimes you can also receive free spins when playing modern casino games for fun. That’s because these games come with in-game bonuses that can help magnify your profits if you win. Of course, not all games award players with free spins. You must play high paying games with bonus features to benefit from these rewards.

In-Play betting vs. Live Casino Gaming

In sports betting, wagering on a game while it's live is called in-play betting. It is a relatively new concept, but it's growing exceedingly fast in popularity. On the best betting sites, you can wager on virtually any game while it is ongoing.

For better or for worse, the odds of outcomes change in split seconds. That makes it exciting to bet but also risky.

The online casino world also features a form of real-time gaming know as live dealing. It involves playing blackjack, poker, roulette and baccarat against other people. At the best casinos, players stream the action through HD web-cameras. They are linked to an elegant casino room where a professional human dealer oversees the games.

Skill vs Chance

While online slots players agree what they play are games of chance, sports bettors strongly believe they play games of skill. Many poker players also consider poker more of a game of skill than chance. So, who’s correct?

The dictionary definition of gambling covers everything that involves risking money or something of value to gain more money from a game or outcome based on chance. Based on the definition, both sports and betting and all casino games fall under games of chance.

Lately, however, experts, judges and even governments are declassifying poker and sports betting from games of chance to skill-based predictions. And true, games like poker involves plenty of skills to win.

Sports betting also involves plenty of research to analyze data, injury reports and game records to predict an outcome. Thanks to that, some people have perfected the skill of sports betting and make a living out of it. 

Random vs Skill-based Jackpots

Although both casinos and bookmakers have jackpot competitions, they differ in how they award out the prize pools. With casinos, people play games of chance in search for specific jackpot-winning symbols.

In a slot machine themed after the big five world animals, the winner of the game's jackpot could be whichever player that triggers five lions on the reels. Of course, this is based on luck, and there's nothing players can do to increase their odds.

In the sports betting sector, jackpots are given to players who can correctly predict a specific number of games. Luck plays a part as to who wins, but skills are also involved. Players must analyze tons of data to know which football teams could win away, draw or lose at home.

To Conclude

You can participate in both casino gaming and sports betting on the same website. But that doesn't mean the two activities are similar. Casino games like roulette and slots are purely luck-based. You might have strategies to help you minimize your losses, but whether you win or lose all boils down to luck. By comparison, sports betting is a mix of luck and skills.