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Tuesday 29th October 2019
6 Online Betting Trends Redefining How Professionals Wager

Before online betting revolutionized the industry, people drove miles on end to wager at physical bookie shops. Legendary punter William “Billy” Waters had dozens of people working for him. He would pay them weekly wages and give them money to place bets in Las Vegas at his request. And he made millions of his brilliant betting skills.

Fortunately, the old tedious process of driving to bookie shops is dying out. Earlier this year, the UK parliament launched a war on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) and lowered the maximum you can bet from £100 to £1.

But even without the new rule, people have been changing how they bet on sports. Here are six important trends that might help change how you bet.

Value Betting

Professional punters no longer bet to squeeze out small profits from accumulators and arbitrage bets. They are more focused on finding value odds and maximizing their profits. In an example, value betting would mean skipping a single bet supporting the favourite jockey of the tournament.

Instead, you research judiciously to find a tournament where one horse has high chances of winning but seems underrated by bookmakers. That means it has quality odds on bookie sites despite being one of the horses most likely to win.

Of course, you don’t have to wager a single bet. You can place a treble bet, accumulate multiple wagers or forecast the first two winners. The objective is to wager bets with the highest returns. In many cases, value betting involves wagering to 50% in profits or more.

Mobile Betting

Mobile communication devices changed the way we communicate and do business. They also penetrated online gaming and brought us some of the most entertaining games ever (looking at you Fortnite, PUBG and Pokémon Go).

Besides video games, mobile devices now also allow you to bet conveniently through apps. Whether you use an iPhone or an Android device, you can bet on any racing tournament around the world. You can even play online slots free of charge using no deposit bonuses.

Surprisingly, you don’t need to install an app to play online games. Your mobile browser has all it takes to access a betting website.

Professionals choose their betting apps carefully. They select licensed platforms that offer hundreds of games daily. They consider payment methods, customer support channels and bonuses offered. Similarly, you should consider the factors mentioned above before you choose a mobile betting device.

In-Play Betting

Nearly all new betting sites support live betting. It's not by accident. People are paying more attention to live gaming more than ever. For the uninitiated, in-play betting involves wagering on active matches.

You can wager in the first minute of a race, mid-game or a minute before the first horse crosses the finish line. So, if you bet on one horse before a game and change your mind after the race commences, you can make a second bet.

But similar to most bets, live betting requires research and careful analysis of stats and data before you wager. It also helps to watch the race or follow live updates. You'll have a better understanding of which horses are gaining momentum and make smart predictions.

Of course, live betting isn't limited to horse racing. If you bet on football, rugby, cricket or any other popular sports, you can wager the games live. You could also play most casino games live these days, and all it takes is the ability to stream on the web and to have an active online casino account.

Big Data Analytics

Unless you only bet on your favourite horses, you probably use data to justify your bets. Most professionals spend hours analyzing horses, their strengths, speed and past outcomes. Nowadays, people are also using advanced algorithms to bet.

The algorithms use artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict the number of goals, rugby tries or basketball points a player scores based on their past performances. They work particularly well when analyzing non-team sports like horse racing and tennis.

Human input is still important in predicting match outcomes. But with the addition of algorithms, predicting correctly might be much easier in the future.

Fewer Accumulators, More Single Bets

Experts advise new punters to harness their betting skills through singles and not accumulators. These days, the experts are also ditching accumulators in favour of high-value single wagers. It all lies in the art of winning big.

Traditionally, accumulators have always promised better returns than single bets. Accumulators involve betting on multiple teams after, all. But when you have a realistic chance to win double your bet through a single bet, it might make more sense than risking your money on five teams.

If you tend to lose most of your accumulators, you probably should think about high-value single betting. You won't have to worry about losing by one or two outcomes. You can be confident of earning great value from your bets and save your time by not analyzing multiple games.

Emphasis on Consistent Wins

Value betting might be driving people towards maximum profits, but the focus on small profits consistently is still there. In fact, it’s the reason people are replacing accumulators and jackpot bets for singles.

The primary goal is to earn good returns from single bets over the long haul. You might encounter losses along the way. But if you can win more bets than you lose, you’ll be a profitable punter over time.

Of course, single betting isn’t the only way to win consistently in sports. In football, you can bet on both teams to score, OVER and UNDER bets, the number of corners or which specific players score. Most major sports also have multiple ways to bet other than to bet which team wins.

To Conclude

Similar to most industries, online betting is changing. The infamous fixed-odds betting terminals might soon become a thing of the past. Instead, people will be finding fixed odds on their mobile devices. Those who love the thrills of betting are already playing in-play betting but all the while emphasizing value betting.

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