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Wednesday 23rd October 2019
Online Casino UK

Before we get into the current state of online casino uk -, we have to first of all appreciate the fact that gambling (no matter the form) has been part and parcel of the culture of the people of the UK from the onset. They’ve always been involved in both free and real money forms of staking or wagering even before the advent of the internet, and these were all legal and legitimate in the country. Bets at that time were made on races involving horses, dogs and other animals, the brick and mortar casinos and then on some sporting activities.


Because of the aforementioned, and the fact that they are a generally versatile and innovative people, they embraced the casino online uk with open hands when the web life arrived. Because of their liberal and forward thinking nature, they opened up the web space for any registered local or international gambling website. All that the owners need to do is to get properly registered with the gambling commission of the country. With this, they would be allowed to offer free and real money gambling websites where people can register, deposit playing funds with methods like PayPal and others, and play top games like baccarat, pokies, blackjack and others.

The current UK online casino system makes the country the Eldorado of internet gambling in the world. It was around 1860 that the country came up with its first ever gambling law in an attempt to organize things a little, but prior to that, gambling of all sorts was tolerated as a hobby. In 2005, the country came up with some regulations to make sure the people are served the best online casino uk all the time. The result of this is the gambling law which has only two important restrictions.

  • The first is that all forms of gambling activities, both live, on sites and even through proxy, can only be done by people that are 18 and above.
  • The second is that the site where people should place their bets must be remotely licensed by the uk gambling commission.

From all available reviews, slots are the most loved and played games in casino online uk websites, and this is because of some reasons.

  • The first reason for this love is the simplicity of slot games. All you do here is to spin and hope to be lucky. You don’t need to involve your intellect and focus as much as in the able games.
  • The next is because it is a game they play alone, without any need to compete or interfere with other players. The machine is your opponent in highly rated slots in the uk, and you get your payout once you beat the machine.
  • Slots come in both free and real money versions, so people can choose the version they wish to enjoy.
  • There are more types and variants of slots on the internet than any other game. So, the variety is also what spices the love.
  • There are loads of bonuses given to bettors to enjoy. So, most times, people wager and win with these and not their real cash.
  • The ergonomics of the game, plus its sounds and lights bring up some level of excitement in people.
  • The fact that pokies are mostly themed after real life events makes it relatable to uk gamblers.

Best Casino Games in UK

If you are new to uk casino online activities, one thing you must bear in mind is that not every casino or game you see online is good for you. So, there are things to consider when going for any of these or when deciding whether to try out a new online casino uk, as they are doled out in their numbers every other day.

  • The most popular games here include blackjack which has different types and comes with different rules.
  • Most uk casino enthusiasts also enjoy roulette, which is a game with 3 variants.
  •  Online poker, which is one of the most difficult card games, is also played here. It has 3 main versions.
  •  The bingo, sic bio, keno, craps, baccarat and online pai gow are also popular here.
  •  The most popular are the slots, and they come in different variations.

Whichever of the mentioned games you prefer in online casino uk, you have to know how to select the best to enjoy. The first criterion to take seriously is the odds of winning. Whether you are playing for free or staking real money, the fact is that you want to win. So, you have to consider whether the odds are in favor of the player or not. Is it a ‘winner takes all’ system like slots, and are you comfortable with it. In casino online uk games like slot, you either win or lose, making the odds terrible. But with games like pai gow poker, there could be a tie and you save your money.

Consider the house edge, because it also determines the best online casino uk games for you. Every game will have the house edge advertised; revealing the amount of edge the house has over the players.

This is reflected in the payout percentage, and you must consider it. The lesser the house edge, the better for you.

Also consider how well you know the games and your past experience playing them, plus the bonuses and jackpots available for extra wins.

Can I Play Casino Games For Real Money?

The best uk online casino sites offer games both in the free and real money modes. The latter involves depositing cash into your account on the site and wagering on titles with it. In the country, the most used banking methods for both old and new online casino uk players are instadebit, trustly and PayPal. People also use neteller, skrill and ecopayz. The arrival of Bitcoin changed a lot, and many people have embraced it too. Visa and other card methods are also used.

On real money titles, gamblers can win real cash and cash same out when they must have achieved the wagering requirements set by the site. To cash out, you need to log into your account, click your preferred banking method, select the desired amount, confirm your choices, and it will be processed. These could be done through desktop and mobile, with the android, iOS and windows being the most popular operating systems in uk casino online sites.

Best Casino Bonuses for UK Players

There are many types of bonuses available in gambling platforms in the country, and you can login and take advantage of these. They help to turn punters into winners and they are listed below.

    • The welcome bonuses are given to new members to appreciate them, and they mostly come in form of payback of some percentages of the amounts deposited by them.
    • No deposit bonuses are normally small amounts of money freely doled out to players without any qualifying deposit. The casino online uk no deposit bonus normally comes with strict wagering conditions.
    • Reload, weekly or monthly bonuses are doled out periodically to loyal players. But unlike the casino online uk no deposit bonus, the players have to qualify for these with their actions in the site.
    • Payment method bonuses come to bettors who deposit or withdraw with some designated banking methods to play online casino games uk.
    • High roller bonuses are for players that make huge deposits and take loud financial actions in the best uk online casino sites.
    • Refer a friend is the type people gain when they refer their acquaintances to the site and they register and deposit funds to wager with. The referees get some percentage of the deposits.

To get any of these, you just have to be a registered member, meet the qualifying deposit and accept the offer. But it’s only when you meet the wagering conditions that you can cash the money out.

How to Choose Safe Casino for UK Players?

Not every site qualifies as the best uk online casino for you. That is why you need to know how to choose the safest to play online casino games uk in.

  • Now, you have to start by considering the overall user experience, and the best way to gauge this is to look at reviews by old users.
  • Consider the software providers and their game selection. If they are not using the best providers, then they are not good.
  • Also, consider the bonuses and promotional offers. If they don’t have a sizeable and amazing casino online uk no deposit bonus, and other bonuses with mild conditions, they don’t qualify.
  • Finally, look at how responsive and professional their customer agents are, and the safety and encryption protocols used to protect their site and your account.