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Thursday 17th October 2019
How Much Does a Horse Cost?

Do you go, if you are like many children around the world, "Can I have a pet dog or cat?" Maybe you have something more exotic in mind, like a turtle, a lizard or a snake? If you live in the country, however, you'll be able to have a pet you can ride! What are we talking about? A horse ... of course!

So many people are in love with horses and keep them as a pet in their house or shelter. And many people like to watch horse racing too, where they like to bet on the race. The Melbourne Cup is one the most known horse races where people play and get Melbourne cup betting offers and a chance to win a number of prizes and gifts.

The cost of owning a horse can vary greatly, depending on where you live, where the horse will live, what kind of horse it is, and more. The purchase price of the horse is only part of the equation. You have to take many other factors into consideration, including housing, food, and health care, just to name a few. Let’s take a look!

It has often been said that for a horse owner to dig a deep hole in the backyard and throw a large amount of money, it is never reappearing. However, horse enthusiasts can say, "So what? As long as I have my horse, what difference does it make? "

Because there is no denying many dream of owning a horse, let's take a look at what the horse actually costs other than the initial purchase price. How much an owner is willing to spend to support this "habit" depends, of course, on the equestrian sports he pursues, his geographical location, and whether he keeps horses on his home farm Be or depends on it.

The purchase price of a horse can vary greatly. You can find a horse you need for a house that you can get for free. On the other hand, you may be interested in a particular breed or type of horse, which can cost you from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Once you have a horse, you need to find out where you will place it. If you keep it on your own land, you will need two acres in one acre with enough barn space. Not everyone has this, and getting it can be expensive. If you live in an urban area, you probably need to mount your horse to a local stable. Depending on the services provided, boarding can cost several hundred dollars per month.

Since horses eat a lot and require a variety of vitamins and supplements, you can probably spend more than $ 100 on food each month. If you feed your horse grain, this amount can be even higher. Horses also have hooves that need to be checked and trimmed by a specialist called a Ferrier. It needs to be done every two months. A simple hoop trim can be as small as $ 25, while full shoeing can reach $ 100.

If you plan to ride your horse, you will also have to purchase special riding supplies, known as a deal. These items may include saddler, horse riding clothes, halter, bits, and brushes. The American Quarter Horse Association estimates that these expenses can reach $ 2,000.