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Tuesday 3rd September 2019
How Music Influences Players in Sports Betting Games


Music is all around us, so it’s a no brainer that it has a psychological impact on us. Fast songs can hype you up, and slow songs can make you cry. It affects the way you feel and how you accomplish tasks. It’s no wonder that people take advantage of this when they gamble on sports betting games as well.

Whether you are betting online at a website like Sbobet, or you are betting in person, playing music during it will have an influence on the way you play. So how does it influence it exactly? Can this be used to anyone’s advantage when you’re participating in sports betting games?

It Influences Betting Speed
The journal International Gambling Studies released a study in 2007 about the effects of music on online gambling. A group of 60 participants were told to play virtual roulette with either nothing playing, fast songs, or slow songs. This depended on their assigned group. Researchers then observed the correlation between the two variables.

The researchers found that the group listening to faster tempo tunes tended to bet faster than people in other groups. The tempo of the song did not, however, affect the size of the bet or how much money they spent.

It Makes Gambling More Appealing
A theorized effect of music on sports betting is that it attracts players to gamble for longer periods of time. Because of this theory, many casinos have installed slot machines with musical interludes. Though it is not scientifically proven, it is a theory that this can attract more people to machines and keep them gambling longer.

Researcher Dr. Mark D. Griffiths explains in Psychology Today that familiar music has the capability to keep people betting consistently. This is because familiar songs often trigger feelings of enjoyment. This can then lead to a player staying at a certain machine to listen to it. In addition, appealing, fast-tempo music can keep players in good spirits and forget about past losses or otherwise bad feelings.

What Does This Mean for Me?
Researchers haven’t tested music theories in terms of sports betting, but one can assume that the average effects music has on someone’s psyche (makes them happier/sadder/angrier) can be regularly applied to this kind of study.

People who own casinos or other sports betting facilities may be able to use this to their advantage. Music can make a casino seem more inviting to players. It can keep people stimulated and playing for longer. Playing fast tempo music can even affect the speed of betting, which may cause more rash betting decisions in players.

In Conclusion
Though music, in general, tends to have an effect on mood and stimulation, it has not been studied in terms of its effect on speed betting. Next time you’re into sports betting, note if there is any music in the facility. Do people seem happy? Sad? Frustrated? It may not be the result of their bets—it could be the music!