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Tuesday 3rd September 2019
Why Seat Scalpers Are Akin to Sports Betting Pundits

Seat scalpers, a name that strikes fear and sometimes evokes disgust into the hearts of others. Seat scalpers are mysterious people cheating the system to get the best seats and controlling the experience for everyone else. But maybe there’s something more to the system than we all think?

Similarly, sports betting pundits have a mixed reputation. How accurate are their win predictions? How do they get that information and why do we all trust them? They might seem greedy and money hungry, but their information could make or break your bet.

You might be asking how seat scalpers are related to sports betting pundits. Well, they both go through the same process to acquire the goods/information they have. Want to find out more? Keep reading.


  1. They Both Follow Relevant Social Media Religiously

Seat scalpers and sports betting pundits always seem to see the future. They have tickets and betting tips lined up before people even know of the event happening, let alone who is playing. Where do they get all this information?

Simple answer, the internet. But, of course, it’s more complicated than that. Both seat scalpers, which will be known as SS from now on, and betting pundits (BP), reach far and wide across social media. They have Twitter accounts, Instagram, as well as online betting and event accounts, like Sbobet, that give them notifications.

  1. They Know Statistics Better Than Anyone Else

Because of their constant checking of information sites, both SS and BP are very good at gathering statistics. Whether it’s for audience types for certain performers or sports event attendance or team statistics through the year, these individuals know it all. They keep tabs of information to help them keep ahead of the game.

The statistics come from official sports sites, betting websites, and social media. SS focus on figuring out which events would be worth getting early ticket access to. BP, on the other hand, focus on statistics about players and teams going against one another to make informed predictions.

  1. They Always Have Inside Connections

The most essential thing that connects SS and BP as similar is the connections that these people gain. They seem to have a contact for everything. SS know every event that is happening before it’s announced. They have information from people at venues, in tour management companies, and even direct connections to artists.

BP know everything about the sport they follow. They know prominent players, coaches, fitness trainers, etc. They may even have personal connections to some. They have their ears everywhere to gain the latest information about betting.

Both groups use their advantages for their gain. Either by giving bets for a price or by selling tickets on the day of the event.

Though the reputation of both seat scalpers and betting pundits are mixed and rather negative, they aren’t all bad. There are good things that can be gained from both, like cheap tickets to events that already started or good betting tips to win you extra money.