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Monday 2nd September 2019
Online Bingo Is for Men Too

The world is changing. There are no typically male or typically female pursuits anymore – we can all do whatever we want with our spare time. But there are some pastimes which still carry a certain amount of stigma as to who should do them. Bingo is one of those pastime. It is still associated with retired women in a lot of cases and this is very wrong. It’s a fun game that anyone can enjoy, young or old, man or woman. And in any case, who really wants to turn down the chance to win great cash prizes? That’s right, in the world of online bingo there are regular cash prizes, some of them quite large. Now that we’ve got your interest, let’s talk about how to get started.

Playing online bingo

If you’re worried about being silently judged by other players in a bingo hall, then step into the world of bingo online. Nobody knows who you are there and the excitement levels can be just as high. There is no shortage of websites offering online bingo to prospective players and the hardest decision you might ever have to make is which one of them to play at.Luckily, is here to help you. The site will point you in the direction to great bingo online sites which offer bonus incentives for new players to sign up. This means you already start winning before a number has even been drawn!

How to play bingo online

If you’re a total beginner, it’s absolutely no problem. You simply decide which game to play, pay your entry fee and watch as the numbers are drawn. These can be filled in on your card automatically, so you don’t even need to cross them off yourself. You can even set a game up to call when you win so you don’t get punished for your tardiness if you’re struggling to keep up with the game.

There are hundreds of different games to play. Cash prizes are usually determined by the number of players and the amount paid to play. There is something for you if you like low or high stakes games. There are also jackpot games where you can win truly life-changing amounts of money. Anyone who says that isn’t manly enough needs to undergo some sort of therapy!

Can you increase your chances?

Just because bingo is a game of chance doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your odds of winning. There are a few simple rules you can live by with online bingo to boost your winning potential.

  • Look at the cost – if the potential return versus the cost of playing isn’t favourable, don’t play.
  • Play multiple cards – like playing the lottery, the more entries you have in one draw, the bigger the chances of winning are.
  • Avoid low stakes games – it might be fun to pass the time, but you’ll never win big here.
There’s no absolute guarantee that you’ll win every time, but you should certainly win more money in the long run by following these tips.

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