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Tuesday 27th August 2019
A Look Into the Future: What Will the Casino Industry Look Like in 10 Years?

Casinos have evolved a lot over the last few decades, from the traditional brick and mortar premises where the choice of games was limited to the digital versions of late that have taken the industry by storm. But with so many of these changes taking place quite recently, what does the next decade have in store for the casino industry? Here are some of our predictions for how the casinos know today may look over the next ten years, from the type of games on offer to the way casinos are set up.

A Seamless Experience

Most casinos today are structured with a clear division between the gaming floor and entertainment, food and drink, retail and other components. But the future is likely to bring a more unified experience that is integrated, so players can move from gaming, entertainment and shopping more smoothly. Patrons will have quicker access to different services and products that the casino has to offer.

Focus on Technology

The pace of technology innovations doesn’t show any sign of slowing down and casino operators are in the perfect position to take advantage of the changes. From powerful customer-tracking databases to cloud computing platforms and consumer-facing measures, there are numerous ways that casinos are likely to make the most of these advancements over the next ten years, such as with new games, video slots and electronic table games.

Online Casinos

There’s no denying the impact online casinos have had on the industry in the last few years and it’s fair to expect that over the next ten years they will continue to play an important role. As technology advances and becomes more user-focused and immersive, the online aspect of casinos will follow suit and become much more intent on creating unique user experiences. Casino operators are also on the lookout for new games to add to their repertoire as a way of enticing customers in to use their services over competitors, so this is likely to continue as the years go on.

Video Games

Video games have grown increasingly over the years, from a niche past-time to a mainstream form of entertainment. Consumers who grew up playing video games now want a more social and competitive element to these types of games and more recently, there has been a growing trend for casinos integrating video games into their skill-based repertoire.

Non-Gaming Experiences

The growth of non-gaming experiences at casinos has certainly been a focus in recent years and that looks set to continue over the next decade. This has often meant nightclubs, day clubs, outdoor events such as pools, as well as celebrity chef-focused restaurants. These features allow casinos to host other events such as alternative reality games and virtual-reality amusements as well as pop-up retail stores. Consumers are always looking for unique experiences and the more that casinos can offer, in addition to gaming, the more likely consumers are to visit in-person casinos compared to using online betting alternatives.