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Sunday 11th August 2019
New Stable in Victoria to be Launched by De Kock

He is the most decorated trainer in South Africa and now Mike de Kock has dramatically boosted Australian horse racing by confirming he will be opening a satellite yard in Victoria, which he will run in partnership with son Matthew as reports.

Although it is being marketed as a smaller satellite site there seems to be some speculation that De Kock will be moving over to Australia on a more permanent basis in the future when he spoke of his South African stables being the main base for his business ‘for the time being’, which suggests he may have plans to switch the roles of the two sites over or indeed leave South Africa for good. He has been the subject of speculation for some weeks now as the 55-year-old veteran trainer was seen at various training sites in Victoria and New South Wales. It appears he has settled on Cranbourne as a base and the stables will open in 2020, so there won’t be long to wait.

Speaking about the new yard arrangement, Neil Bainbridge who is the chief executive at Cranbourne Turf Club said "I can confirm officially that the club has offered Mike de Kock 50 boxes on course at the Cranbourne training complex and Mike has indicated that he will accept that offer. For somebody of Mike de Kock's standard to come to Victoria and base himself at Cranbourne is great news for everybody in the Victorian racing industry – it's a great vote of confidence. People like Brian Kroger and others are to be commended for the prize-money increases that have been afforded. Victorian racing really is a sought-after place to race."

The move will also boost the Australian markets as there will be a new export market to go hand in hand with the new stable. Although De Kock has said it could take a year to complete, he is confident that the best location has been chosen and he spoke about both the move and the proposed exports. “Cranbourne have been unbelievably helpful. They are building us new stables with a number of other benefits included. The training facilities are excellent with everything from treadmills to good tracks. We've been coming to Australia for a number of years and Mathew will soon be arriving on a more permanent basis to gain work experience in the industry, to pave the way. Australian racing is run in a very professional manner, they have great organisational acumen and integrity. Soon we'll be exporting from South Africa at an exchange rate of roughly ten rand to the Australian dollar, which is a great opportunity and makes good business sense. We will also be supporting the Australian market as we have been doing." De Kock had been in the industry since 1987 winning his first Group 1 race in 1989, and racking up an impressive 122 winners in the group in total since then.