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Friday 28th June 2019
Better Value for Punters in Female Jump Jockeys?

To be a punter is to look for the best odds. They are out there, somewhere - you have to find them to get the most from races and to give your customers good odds. So now that research has confirmed female jump jockeys can generate better value for punters everywhere, there’s going to be an influx of new races to bet on every day. As discovered along with many other sites, women are leading the charge for these races.

Research Results - Female Jockeys Surge Forward

So you might be asking what prompted such a revelation and change in attitudes. Well, it began when an 18-year analysis concluded. The research found that out of 1.6,000,000 rides, a woman has the same statistical likelihood of winning a race at a 9-1 chance as a man does with odds of 8-1. Put simply; they offer better value for punters than some male racers do.

If you look at recent racing events, you can begin to see where the information comes from, and what makes it relevant. At the Cheltenham Festival, this year saw female riders win 14.3% of all the races they participated in, despite only having 9.5% of the available rides. That’s a pretty good statistic when you consider how few of the tracks they could take part in overall.

No Smooth Sailing Here

Unfortunately, we’re still at a point where women face constant challenges while trying to excel in the world of sport. Public perceptions of female athletes do not paint a good picture, and they are judged solely on how well they perform on the day. Even though a female rider has a 52% chance of winning a race on even money, it does not seem to be enough to shake away people’s misconceptions. Further proof of this comes with the knowledge that 2018 saw nearly 50% of all trainers use a male-only team of jockeys.

Pushing Forward

Yes, women are facing hardships when they play sports. However, they also have many achievements under their belt, which help to prove that they can do well. For example, 2019 saw Rachael Blackmore finish as a runner up in the Irish Jump Jockeys race, and she is also coincidentally a two-time winner at Cheltenham. It’s also true that Hayley Turner was the second female jockey ever to take home a Royal Ascot win. It’s an impressive achievement and shows us that males aren’t the only ones who can be good at sport.

To summarise, punters will most likely begin to include more bets from women into their selection. Female jockeys have proven that they can hold their own against the male racers, and in some cases outperform them. Plus, they have better value overall, which is the most critical part. Punters need good odds to give customers a great experience after all, and so it’s nice to see that there are different options available to spice up the betting scene a little bit.