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Friday 21st June 2019
Looking Elsewhere to Capture Similar Thrills to Horse Racing

Betting online has become hugely popular over recent years, with a host of bookmakers now available for us to choose from and more markets to back than ever before. Nevertheless, we can’t bet on the horses all the time, which means that people are increasingly looking for wagering entertainment elsewhere.

That Winning Feeling

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Observing the horses as they’re paraded pre-race in the paddock, listening to the bookies shout out their odds at race meetings, then joining the crowd to cheer jockeys and their steeds as they pass the winning post. There’s nothing quite as exciting as actually being at the races and enjoying the atmosphere of a racing event in person, especially if we’ve picked a winner.

However, not all of us can get to watch the races live at their venues, fork out lots of money to get tickets for horse racing events such as the Grand National at Aintree or take time out for the travel involved. This means that for most of us, the nearest we’ll get to enjoying the thrills of a live race is via the television or internet, but only when the races are actually scheduled to run.

This is one of the reasons online casinos have become hugely popular, because the games offered can be played at any time of day and at any hour. With games that are easy to play and understand, the focus is entertainment on demand, matched by the thrill of taking a chance that the next poker hand or spin of the reels playing slots, could be a winner.

Choosing Your New Casino

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These days we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to online bookmakers and the huge range of sports betting markets they offer. Many of them also offer their clients the chance to play popular online casino games such as poker and slots, although they’re not always the best option. In the same way we'd check the form of horses we're thinking about backing, it makes sense to check reviews for new online casinos, to find out which of them we might find most appealing.

One place to start is NetEnt new casinos, which reviews the best and newest online casino sites, rating them all for the quality of service, selection of games and just as importantly, the bonuses and rewards currently offered to new players. New casinos frequently offer some of the best deals for new players, along with loyalty programs aimed at encouraging customers to stick around for a while, rather than twist towards one of their competitors.

New casinos are also pulling out all the stops to attract new clients, incorporating exciting new technology in the games they offer, such as virtual reality, which is taking the gaming experience to a whole new level. Website layouts are also designed for greater ease of use, both for mobile and desktop devices, making the overall experience much more enjoyable helping players navigate to the games they want to play, swiftly and securely.

Having Fun & Staying Entertained

Just like betting on the horses, it’s always wise to set ourselves limits when we’re enjoying different ways of wagering to entertain ourselves. Have a good look through the games different new casinos are offering, choose the ones you find most appealing, then gamble just as responsibly as you would when backing the horses.