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Wednesday 22nd May 2019
5 Great Alternatives to Betting on Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing has become essential to many aficionados of this sport. However, it can get tedious every now and then, especially when luck doesn’t seem to work in your favour. Therefore, you should perhaps consider taking a rest from betting on horses and look for an alternative source of entertainment.

Betting on Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is as close as you can get to horse racing — the betting systems of these two sports are quite similar. Greyhounds racing is fast-paced, and many punters consider it more exciting than horse racing. If you love dogs as much as horses, you will definitely enjoy this type of entertainment.

Betting on Sports

Betting on other sports is another alternative you should consider if you like betting on horse racing and there are many free sports betting tips on offer. Many bookies offer a wide variety of sports and other betting markets which you can explore to the fullest.

However, you should take into account that sports betting requires you to be very knowledgeable about the sport you are betting on. Football punters are a great example of this phenomenon, as the most successful ones have in-depth knowledge of this sport, industry, football players, transfers, various competitions, and more.

Playing Casino Games

Casino games and betting both belong to the category of games where luck is a very important factor. If you like betting on horses, chances are that you will fall in love with some casino games as well. Sites such as Lucky casino offer casino games that are popular in land-based casinos, but you can play these online via your browser or even via mobile devices.

Learning Horseback Riding

After all, you are on this site not only because you are into betting, but also because you probably like horses. Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if you were on the other side of the fence, riding a horse like a professional jockey?

It is not too late to start your riding lessons right now. Just make sure to plan your budget in advance as these can be very expensive. Equestrianism is a noble sport that many consider art, and it will help you learn more about horses and even make them your best friends.

Playing Games with Horses

Finally, you can always choose the easier way, and instead of learning to ride a horse, you can feel the joy of this activity by playing video games that involve horse riding. Although there aren’t many interesting games that focus on horse racing per se, there are dozens of action, RPG, and adventure games whose creators did an outstanding job when it comes to in-game horse riding.

Games such as Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed (all games), Red Dead Redemption 2, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are definitely going to help you feel as if you were riding a real horse.


To sum up, you are definitely going to enjoy taking a break from traditional horse betting, so make sure to try out some of the activities suggested in this article. All of them are going to help you learn more about either betting or horses.