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Wednesday 7th November 2018
Stunning new facilities being used at the top yards across the country

Horse racing has long been a sport which divides opinion with some believing it is unfair treatment on the animals. There is certainly not the case, which has been shown in how these animals are treated like professional athletes and with the utmost of care. Their stables are built through the top composite doors manufacturers, which enables for them to have great comfort at all times. Here we cover some of the stunning new facilities being used across the country in the top yards.

In British horse racing there are around 14,000 horses, in which around 6,000 people dedicate their lives to looking after these incredible animals. They are with them for long hours starting from the early hours. They are treated like royalty in many cases, providing the horses with a high level of care and great quality of life. The veterinary care is there for each of them when required and many are kept on personalised diet plans, in order for them to stay in racing shape. Many are also treated to regular daily massages which again shows the incredible level of care they are provided.

Horse treadmill

A horse treadmill is a fantastic addition to stables and helps keep the animals fit. It works similar to a treadmill for humans with changes of speed and incline, which enables for the development of flexibility, strength, balance and of course stamina. There are easily accessible speed and gradient training programs that can be tailored to the needs on the horse.

Horse walkers

Similar to the horse treadmill they work to improve the horse’s fitness. They are partially used when the horse is recovering from an injury, so it helps to build up their strength without the fear of them working too hard. The walkers also help for horses to relax in their exercise and helps them to cool down, reducing chances of their muscles seizing up at any time.

Vibe plate

The Vibe plates are a fantastic whole body therapy for the horses, which helps to stimulate blood in their legs. It can also help with a variety of rehabilitation from injuries including, tendon and ligaments, arthritis, decreased bone density , colic and many more.


A new addition to yards is a solarium. They provide a pleasant warming effect for horses, which helps to improve circulation and well as relaxing tense muscles. This is valuable for the horse as it is a source of vitamin D, which is again essential for joint and bone health.


Horse Spas are a key addition with helping a horse to cool down following exercise. It helps with blood circulation as well as with wounds the horse may have picked up. The Spa can help to reduce recovery time by up to 75% in some cases.

Salt box

The Salt box has many benefits that includes clearing the horses lungs. They help maintain performance as well as recovery and are very beneficial for treating skin conditions with horses.