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Monday 20th August 2018
Basic Horse Racing Tips Worth Trying

It is only understandable for an individual who is new to thoroughbred racing to expect that only the best horse can win a race. For you, it is easy to think that deciding which horse can win is not entirely new. After all, there is available information out there which can assist you in making that decision. There is a problem here, though. Basically, even if the best horse wins, it is possible for another to acquire the picture taken in the winner’s cycle. A very good plan for people who are entirely new to racing is to back the favorites who really deserve the favoritism. Ultimately, you must veer away from those who are doubted of being mistakes.

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Follow The Tiers

When it comes to handicapping picks, there is no doubt that this is the most important concept. Basically, the horses are grouped into tiers in terms of color coding. The tier colors, in particular, are used as the background color of each program number of the horses. The colors can range from dark green all the way to yellow.

For starters, the grey tier is considered a special tier. And while it is listed at the bottom, it does not entirely mean it is a bad horse. As a matter of fact, it is deemed a rare occurrence if a horse is unrated. Although there are a number of reasons, it is sometimes caused by lack of data for foreign horses. This is where you need to examine each of these horses manually, so you can determine if they really pose a threat or vice versa.

The horses are accordingly ranked within a certain tier. It is usually from best to worst. Just keep in mind, however, that horses within a tier are close in terms of ability. Add to this the fact that they are a bit difficult to choose one over another. But hey, you can always go with free bets. This is the type of bets that you can place without any stake.

Know Your Sport

Actually, you just do not have to know your sport – you have to know it from the inside and out. It is not just about which horse has its last six games but how it has really played. Was it really good at every race or was it just lucky enough to win?

Think of horse betting as a tennis game. From there, ask which tennis player is having a spat with his/her coach? Sure, that player won two majors during the latest season, but does he actually have the much-needed experience to continue a streak? This is exactly what you will do in horse betting, as these details can greatly inform you. More importantly, it will prepare you for finding and landing the best ones possible.

Always Set Your Own Odds

Mind you, this is extremely important to any individual who wants to try and make money from horse betting. As a matter of fact, there have been countless of excellent judges of horse racing since time immemorial. The only catch, however, is that most of them failed at gambling. Why exactly? Well, that is because "bet” what they only fancy and for them, a winner is a winner. It is as simple as that.

The only way for you to be successful at forming an accurate knowledge of the perfect time to bet is to “price up” the races. You can do this up to 100 percent. For example, you price up two horse races at Evens (2.0) and3-1 (4.0). In reality, the actual prices available are just 6-4, (2.50) and 2-1, (3.0). As a result, "value" can be betting the 6-4 chance. This, in particular, is where you are getting odds out of 6/4 for a horse you feel like it must be at the shorter odds of even return. This is absolutely a basic example. Also, remember to keep in mind that this field has black and white areas. Still, it has proven to be an excellent habit to get into something.

The Shape Of The Race

Actually, this is the least considered in the list. However, it does not mean it is not significant. It is, in fact, the most important factor when it comes to analyzing a race you really want to price up and/or wager in. Your first course of action is to try to understand the different run styles of the protagonists. More importantly, you need to determine what really suits them best. For example, you see two impulsive frontrunners and that the two are equipped to destroy each other up front and sabotage the race up for a hold up choice.

Likewise, if something is sure to obtain a soft unpressed lead, it is much more likely for it to give the best running possible. You see, most of these so-called “feel” thing is derived from experience. It is basically the experience of spending so much time watching a lot of races on the Internet or television. At the same time, it is achieved if and only if you learn to keep accurate notes.

Track Condition

This is actually most handicappers fail to maximize. Basically, there is an advantage if you try to consider the condition of the track. This is not only a huge factor – it is also a deciding factor! Keep in mind that there are horses that want a dirty track. There are also some that simply want to move forward with a wet track. In case you did not know yet, this has become a common occurrence among European turf houses. This is often the case with European turf horses.

But worry not, as there is a way to know if a horse is into off track. It is really simple. Just try to check the horse’s Wet record on your tip sheet. You may also try looking at the horse's previous races on a wet track. As much as possible, however, it would be best if you conduct analysis on all track conditions.