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Tuesday 1st May 2018
The Pros and Cons of Betting Online

The betting World has changed beyond all recognition over the past 20 Years, who would have imagined being able to bet on horses without using a tiny pen in a small smoked filled room with newspapers covered walls?

The rise in popularity of betting online is predominantly fuelled not only by ease and convenience, but also by bonus offers and deal from UK betting sites to entice new customers to their business. That makes us as customers a very important asset to each bookies, and they should appreciate our custom. That said many are hell bent on getting us to sign up but then tend to forget we exist.

With a the choice of online bookmakers we have the benefit of reading reviews by other players, checking trust scores and reading terms and conditions. More and more we are seeing the bookies promotions increase not just the sign up bonuses. Acca insurance, odds boosts, extra places paid are becoming common place and that's got to be good for us.

If we take promotions and bonuses as a specific let's look at a lucky 15. Not everyone gives a bonus for 1 winner and not all give extra for picking all 4, online you can easily find the best deal by simply googling "lucky 15 bonuses".

Whilst we are online using or pc, laptop, tablet or mobile we can even work out how much we have won without getting an old guy in the corner of the betting shop to do it for us.

Tools like the lucky 15 calculator from betsharks is superb and free, and that's just one of literally thousands of tools available online for us punters.

Downsides to betting online?

Cashing out your winnings is the only real downside. Unless you miss the smell of tobacco smoke and have a thing for small pens then the high street bookies days are surely numbered?

The advantages of real life bookies and picking up your winnings right there and then, but you can still do that if you have an online account with a high street betting shop. There really aren't many negatives to online betting, and it's only a matter of time before the betting shops become the new "to rent" spaces on the high street.

Before long there will be no reason to leave the house, and that's a sad truth but at least nothing will ever beat a good old fashioned day at the races!