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Wednesday 28th March 2018
The Advantages of a No Deposit Bonus

Nowadays, online betting and gaming is more competitive than it has ever been, especially for players here in the UK. Even after Gambling Commission changes meant that some operators were forced out of the market, sports betting sites, casinos and everyone else are making more of an effort than ever to attract new punters. The good news for those punters is that outside of the television advertising and other marketing that seems to be thrust in our faces on an almost daily basis, the operators are putting their money where their mouth is in an effort to sweeten the deal as best they can. One major player acquisition technique right now is the no deposit bonus, and it can be a great tool in the armoury of any punter that wants to gain an edge.

What Is a No Deposit Bonus?

This is one of those casino promotions that basically does exactly what it says on the tin. The first goal for any betting site is to get players through the door, so to speak, and they then back themselves to keep them sticking around by offering great odds, loyalty perks and more. Indeed, getting players through the door is perhaps the most expensive part of customer acquisition, and players are often invited to make use of some of that cash for their own entertainment.

A no deposit bonus is essentially bonus cash that is placed into your account as soon as you open it. Unlike in previous years, this bonus is in no way tied to how much of your own cash you decide to place in your account. The number is generally the same for every new punter, and they are free to make use of it as they so choose. The best thing is that, given that it isn’t your cash in the first place, there is no risk attached to the bets that you decide to place, yet if they come off, you’ll generally be able to turn that bonus cash into real cash, which you can use as normal – even down to withdrawing it from your betting account and right back into your bank.

Advantages and Benefits

The benefits of no deposit bonuses extend much further than the lack of risk, and that’s precisely the idea that we wanted to introduce to our readers today. Here are our top factors to consider when making use of these kinds of promotions:

  • We’ve already mentioned that the no deposit bonus cash is risk free, and if your chosen bets lose, it is like nothing ever happened. We wanted to expand on this a little in saying that these kinds of bonuses are ideal for those bets where you have a hunch or a long odds pick. According to the bookies, the outcome is unlikely. If you think they’re wrong, but don’t want to prove it with your own cash, a no deposit can fund your idea without the bettor taking on any of the risk associated with a long-odds punt.

  • No deposit bonuses let you get a new account off to a flying start. When betting on the horses, we often find ourselves placing bets over consecutive days, especially in the case of a major festival. That can make choosing the right betting site all but essential, and if an operator is willing to put up their own cash to get you to sign up, the chances are that they are pretty proud of what they have to offer and are confident that you’ll stick around. If you can find a betting site with great odds, and some free cash to boot, you can parlay your bonus into a solid bankroll that will last indefinitely while keeping an eye on all of the major races.

  • These bonuses serve as the ideal incentive to shop around. If you take horse racing betting seriously, then you’ll be well aware that holding multiple accounts is all but essential in order to get the best prices. By sticking with one or two brands, you are effectively missing out on value and any kind of potential edge. Given that no deposit bonuses are one-offs, it can be worth taking advantage of them purely for the purpose of signing up with a new site. From that point, you’ll have an account that is live and ready to go if and when it turns out that they boast the best price on one of your picks.

  • These bonuses represent a great opportunity to explore the full services of your operator of choice. If they offer a no deposit bonus on sports betting, there’s every chance that they will also offer a no deposit bonus at the casino, in the poker room and so on. Free cash is always a good result, and with so many of the leading operators offering comprehensive online gaming services, you may well find your no deposit bonus turning out to be far more impressive than you first thought!

Players in the UK have never had a better opportunity to gain an edge on the bookies and it doesn’t get any better than using their own cash to take them to the cleaners! The risk-free nature of no deposit bonuses ensures that even something as rudimentary as watching the race can be a risk-free experience, and if you’re backing the correct horse, you can get any new betting account off to a great start, all while leaving your card in your wallet!