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Thursday 29th March 2018
Virtual Horse Racing Basics Explained

Virtual horse racing has become an online betting craze in recent years and it’s easy to see why. This type of betting is quickly becoming the preferred betting option in Europe thanks to the great odds and the convenience – after all, who wouldn’t like betting without having to take a trip to the bookies.

If you’re not familiar with the term, virtual betting is, in fact, betting on computer-generated images of a sporting event which can range from a football match or a Formula 1 race to horse and dog races. Virtual racing was invented as a way of reducing the dependability of traditional racing and as a way to keep punters interested between live events. It was mocked as a concept in the beginning, but after a few years, virtual racing has taken the betting world by storm, although not without controversy.

Horse racing was one of the first things people put their bets on since the dawn of time, so it’s not a surprise that virtual horse racing has become so popular. Reports have estimated that virtual horse racing accounts for 25% of all bets placed at top bookmakers, which makes it a hit. And, we must admit that the bookmakers go to great lengths to recreate all the fun and excitement that a horse racing track offers.

The basics are simple – you pick a horse and bet on it, then wait for the race to finish. If you place a $2-3 bet on a horse with 2-1 odds, you’ll have the chance to double your money. It’s important not to get carried away, however – bet without a strategy and you can lose it all in an instant. You must remember that the odds are incredibly important and trying to pick a winner isn’t an easy job.

You can bet on 3 types of bets in the game – Win/Place, Forecast, and Tricast. With a Win/Place bet, you’re betting on a single horse as a winner, a horse which will lose, or a horse that will be placed first, second or third place or it won’t be placed at all.

With the Forecast option, you can make a straight or dual forecast. A bet on straight forecast allows you to guess which horses will come at the first and second place, while the dual forecast allows you to bet on two horses that will get the first two places, regardless of which places on each position.

The last type of bet, Tricast, is similar to the forecast option and allows you to bet on the final outcome of the race. A dual Tricast allows you to pick 3 horses which will be placed in the first 3 places regardless of their order.

If you want to try your hand at virtual horse racing, we’d recommend starting small before throwing $1000 bucks on a “sure” winner. The game is pretty unpredictable, so you can end up in debt pretty quick if you don’t know how to play the game.