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Monday 29th January 2018
Which Live Casino Games You Can Play Online

The latest fad in the online gaming is the live casino games. These games are totally different from their virtual avatars and are more fun to play. So what is the difference between the virtual casino games and live casino games? The virtual casino games are controlled by the gaming software. On the other hand live casino games involve a human dealer that controls and administers the game. In the live casino game, a player can watch all the moves made by the dealer.

The only thing which involves software interface is the placement of the bets. The game itself is played in the physical format. For example if you are playing live roulette online in a UK casino or any online casino really, then you can see the croupier spinning the real wheel. The live casino games allow a player to enjoy the entertainment provided by the land based casinos via an online route.

Some of the live casino games which can be played online include the following:


In the live Baccarat, the player is required to make a choice to bet between two stacks of dealt cards that is Dealer and Player. Once the bet is made, the cards are dealt and the deck with the highest number of points is declared winner. Unlike any other card game, only the last digit of the total of cards is counted. For example, 8+4 is counted as 2 not 12. The aces come with the face value of 1 and all the other face cards are awarded zero. Only the number cards ranging from 2 to 9 are added as the face value. The game play of the Baccarat involves attaining the highest score of 9.


Due to the complexity related with the live games, there are only a few variants of poker which are available in this format. The most common variants of live poker are Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, Three Card poker and Casino Hold’em.


The player participating in this game is dealt with two cards and the total value of the hand is the addition of the value of each individual cards. All the cards above Ten have the value of ten points. Ace can be counted as a one point or eleven points. All the other cards have their own numeric value depending upon the number printed on them. After a player is dealt with two cards he or she can opt between ‘Hit’ or for getting an additional card. The main objective for both dealer and the player is to hit the highest score with highest limit set at 21 points. Scoring higher than 21 points can automatically lead to the loss.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a Chinese variant of Craps. This game is played by using three dice rather than the two as in Craps. The game play of Sic Bo involves, players placing their bets on different betting choices available on Sic Bo table. Once the bets are completed, the dealer then rattles three dice in a small container and then roles them. The winners are declared on the outcome of these three dice.


Roulette is probably the first choice for the new players. The rules and gaming instruction for this game are quite simple. The game play involves the player picking up a number or a combination of numbers from the Roulette board. The croupier spins the wheel and if the ball lands on that particular numbers or colour or combination of numbers, the player wins the bet.

The other live casinos games currently available at online casinos also include Craps and different types of slots.