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Monday 27th February 2017
Esport Horse Racing Themed Games

Esport horse racing themed games are very popular today. A lot of people want to be able to experience the thrill of horse racing even though they don't have a lot of horse racing opportunities in their area. Horse racing, in fact, is a minority sport throughout the world. While this is a sport that people are going to see in the United Kingdom and some other countries, it is a relatively rare sport worldwide. People might only really be able to enjoy this sport in the context of Esports, which will certainly be enough for a lot of people.

Many people are going to specifically prefer horse racing Esports for a lot of reasons. Horse racing has become a somewhat controversial sport in recent years. A lot of people are talking about the potential animal rights abuses within the horse racing world. While there are lots of regulations about how people can treat racing horses, people who are interested in animal rights and not just animal welfare are often going to have a problem with horse racing one way or another. They are going to object to the harsh training sessions that are inherent to horse racing, and they might object to the simple fact of horses having to race in the first place.

Other people have expressed concerns about the plight of horse racing jockeys, who often develop horrific eating disorders as a result of the supposed advantages inherent in having less weight as a rider. Some horse racing jockeys have lost their lives as a result of this trend. Reforming the sport in this way is going to be difficult, even though there have been proposals about instituting minimum weights that would level the playing field without causing additional changes.

The great thing about Esports is that all of these problems are eliminated immediately. Athletes of all kinds often harm themselves in the pursuit of excellence within their sport. In Esports, this is significantly less of a problem. Playing digital games is certainly going to have some health consequences. However, the animal cruelty issues associated with racing horses will disappear overnight as a result of the popularity of Esports. People are not going to have to worry about athletes suffering from terrible injuries or eating disorders in the context of Esports, since Esports have few related requirements for their athletes. It is easy to gravitate towards Esports purely from an ethical perspective, but they are as entertaining as they are ethical.

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