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Thursday 9th March 2017
Why It Is Better to Bet on Horse Races Online

It’s true that nothing can replace the thrill of betting on horses when doing it at the tracks where you get to feel the excitement first hand. But, many people will never have the chance to go to a track like the legendary Cheltenham and bet on horses. Have you read about the Top Ten Cheltenham Controversies – SBAT?

However, there is a much better alternative out there. Online betting is definitely the best way to bet on horse races and here are some arguments to support this thought.


Betting on horses over the internet is extremely convenient. You are not bound by your location, you only need a device that connects to the internet like your smartphone, and money on your account. You can be in the grocery store, on the sidewalk, on your toilet and virtually anywhere where there is internet connection and bet on your favorites.
Moreover, horse racing betting websites are incredibly easy to use. With just several clicks/taps you can make a bet slip start winning. It’s as easy as that. Tap on the race, click on your favorite, enter your stake and you are done.

Rebates, Rewards & Bonuses

A big thing for horse racing betting sites is giving out welcome bonuses and other things of extra value. All those sign up bonuses and additional rewards are characteristic only for online betting, and it’s very unlikely that you will get them by betting over the phone or in a betting shop.
Although sign up bonuses are mainly offered as an incentive to open an account and bet, they do add extra value. If you fulfil the conditions you basically get free money. And as you become a regular you are offered different rewards and rebates, whose value depends on how active you are.

Better Odds
It’s no secret that online betting websites offer better horse racing odds because they don’t have the same expenses as land shops. As a result they offer bigger value through improved odds and other features like Best Odds Guaranteed. With BOG you are guaranteed that you will get the improved odds even though you’ve already made the bet.
Another good thing is that you can compare the odds from different betting websites at just one click. This way you can shop for odds that will bring you more money.

Racing Coverage & Opportunities
When you are at the tracks or in a land betting shop you may not get the chance bet on different types of horse races. Or, you will be able to bet only on races from a particular country. But, when you bet online you can bet on any race you want in the world and you get to watch it too.

The list of advantages can go on for several pages, but these are those considered as the biggest. If after reading this article you still think online betting is not for you, then it probably isn’t. Stick to what you enjoy best.