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Friday 16th September 2016
The Rise of Online Virtual Racing: Here to Stay, or a Flash in the Pan?

Currently hugely popular in markets such as Japan, virtual racing is most definitely on the rise. And while it has yet to catch on in Western markets, is there a chance this could all change pretty soon? Let’s take a look at the potential for this relatively new concept:

How technology has helped its rise?

In the past, punters would often overlook this form of racing, as the technology driving it simply was not good enough. The on screen graphics were appalling, looking very unrealistic, and like a video game. In addition, the pacing looked and felt all “off”, further making the presentation appear video game like, rather than what a natural, real race may look like.

However, as technology has improved, so too has the presentation of virtual racing. As has happened with the casino industry, many punters are now moving to virtual forms of contests to place their wagers on.

Graphical presentations of the races are far better looking now and are more realistic than ever. Pacing is more accurate also, which leads to better “suspension of reality”, and makes the punter forget (if only for a second!) that the presented race is computer made. Even down to the trees lining the courses.

It’s computer generated though so is the winner pre selected?

In short, the answer is no. Betting companies use very sophisticated technology to ensure that the outcomes of each race are randomly generated. They go a long way to make sure that there can be no controversy in relation to these computer generated races, as to fix a race in this field would be to ruin their respective reputations.

That being said, as with real life, favourites have a stronger change at a win than those that may not have very high odds of winning the race. This gives the punter the chance to make an informed choice, just as they would in real life situations.

So, why choose it over real racing?

Well the most obvious reason, of course, is for fun! It really is worth having a search on Youtube to see what this form of racing is all about. And just as you might visit Casino for tips on casinos etc., there is a wealth of other sites out there for tips on getting into this form of betting.

Also, with virtual races, you can watch and place bets at any time you like so you are not bound to a specific time, as you would be with real meetings. So if that itch to place a cheeky bet comes on you at 12 at night, you can scratch it virtually, at a time to suit you.

This article merely touches the surface of what is possible in the virtual racing field. Of course, some of the races may have a sillier aspect to them, such as miniature jockeys on huge horses, but these kinds of features can be avoided easily.

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