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Tuesday 25 July 2023
How to Beat Slot Machines: Myth vs. Reality

Most likely, you have come across many UK slot games tips and tricks that you no longer know what makes sense and what doesn’t. To some extent, anything related to gambling was also linked with superstition, like increased odds of winning after the 1000th spin or having hot machines.

The question is, which of these tips is true? In this article, we will look at several tricks and determine whether they are true or myths.

When the Last Jackpot was Won Determines the Next

When playing online slot games, people tend to believe that the length of time that has passed since the last jackpot determines the next jackpot payout. Some people claim that the jackpot is programmed so often and pays out after several spins. Others believe the game will pay out after a million spins, meaning that the farther you are from the last jackpot, the more likely you will win it.

This is a myth. Online slots run on random number generators. Therefore, the outcome of the machine is randomly selected. There is no formula you can use to determine how long it will take for the machine to pay out a jackpot.

The Best Time of the Day to Play Slots

Some people claim that there are days when payouts are guaranteed. Some say that weekends and when there is a convention are excellent times to play. This is a myth. Modern slots run on computer programs that operate within laws. The casino is expected to follow these laws or lose their license. If a casino re-programs a machine to pay out more on certain days, then it means that the machine is rigged. This will never happen.

Machines with a Higher RPT have Better Payouts.

Slots don’t pay out the exact percentages. The RTP of slots ranges between 80% to 98%. Some casinos don’t print their payout percentages, but some do, and you need to research these sites carefully.

There is no rocket science involved here. Simply, a machine with an RTP of 80% means you will win £80 for every £100 wagered. If you find a machine with 98%RTP, you have a better chance of winning more money.

You Can’t Boost Your Chances of Winning

This is a myth. When it comes to slots, you can choose which type to play, and some types have better odds than others. For instance, a game with a fixed jackpot always has a better chance of winning than one with a progressive jackpot.

Also, games with higher denominations often have better odds than other games. Games with numerous bonuses and promos usually pay out less than simple games. The reason is that bonus games on video slots take more time than a simple reel spin, meaning gamers put less money into action per hour. The casino sets the return to player percentage lower on such machines to compensate for that.

Slot machines can be fun, but if you buy into any myths about them, you can end up disappointed. Always know your game to avoid frustrations.