Betting Tips When in Scandinavia
Monday 4th May 2015


Horse racing in Denmark has old traditions. Many people go to the racetracks to see the intense races, where it’s possible to bet on the horses.

There is only one bookmaker in Denmark if you want to bet on horseracing. Danske Spil is the bookmaker you can use at the tracks but also at the internet where it’s called Dantoto.

It’s not very often possible to see horseracing on the television but sometimes Viasat shows it. Our advice is to go to the tracks where you can bet from you smartphone instantly.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning some other Scandinavian countries. If you go to Sweden or Norway, you will be able to see big horse racing tournaments. As well in Denmark, they have old traditions when it comes to horseracing.

The government in both countries owns gambling on Horseracing. However, it’s possible to bet on some of the big races at Betsson. In Sweden, the biggest race of the year is "Elitloppet" which usually is in the end of May, but youøll also find weekly horseraces at the local tracks.

Our advice is to go to the racetracks, and maybe use your mobile phone for instant betting on Betsson. If you like to use you mobile phone, you can also watch the horseracing on the television where the big national TV stations often shows it live.

If you want some diversity from the horseracing, we recommend you to visit one of Denmark’s largest online casino sites, which also has betting.

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